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(Note: Entries mentioning the pro-scientology section do not mean that I am supporting Scientology, I only try to document the activities of Scientology and Scientologists)
21.8.2010: Added Kevin Trudeau to the individual scientologists section

23.11.2008: Added Silkin Management Group, an alias of Hollander Consultants, Inc. to the scientologist company section

22.8.2008: Added the 1950 Dianetics parody Epizootics to the humour section

16.3.2008: Added link to the Florence Art Academy (Domenico Mileto) to the scientologist company section

28.12.2007: Added link to the Hightee Hana Butzlaff scam to the individual scientologists section

23.12.2007: Added the Barbara Schwarz wikipedia article from August 2006 and the Barbara Schwarz wikipedia article from December 2007

8.12.2007: Added link to Perfect Nails to the scientologist company section

31.1.2007: Link zu Bare-Faced Messiah, inoffizielle deutsche Übersetzung in die deutsche Abteilung hinzugefügt

4.6.2006: Added Freedom Motorsports Group to the scientologist company section

 4.3.2006: Margery Wakefield: Meine Lebensgeschichte hinzugefügt

18.2.2006: Added link to Real-Solutions.info to the scientologist company section

30.10.2005: Added link to the ArtWave Design to the scientologist company section

3.10.2005: Added link to the MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation to the scientologist company section

2.10.2005: Added link to Gabriel Williams to the individual scientologists section

23.9.2005: Added link to Harold L. Ehrenberg to the scientologist company section

17.9.2005: Added link to Ryan Realty to the scientologist company section

29.5.2005: Added link to Triangle Development Company, LLC. and Distribution Video & Audio to the scientologist company section

26.3.2005: Added link to Earth Organisation to the scientology front section

6.3.2005: Added link to Smile Savers Dentistry to the scientologist company section

5.2.2005: Added link to the Maulfair Medical Center and Sgroi Financial LLC to the scientologist company section

28.1.2005: Added link to American Coast Title, Inc, Joel Phillips and to The Ultimate Help Desk to the scientologist company section

22.11.2004: Added link to Measurable Solutions, Inc. to the scientologist company section

12.11.2004: Added link to Chic Realty and the Harrison Village "postulate" to the scientologist company section

25.8.2004: Added link to CARS-2-GO, Inc. to the scientologist company section

12.8.2004: Added link to Grant Cardone Enterprises to the scientologist company section

10.8.2004: Added link to Fortis Software to the scientologist company section

8.8.2004: Added link to MyVits.com to the scientologist company section

17.6.2004: Added link to Neopets® to the scientologist company section

15.6.2004: Added link to Kismet Group to the scientologist company section

6.6.2004: Added link to Halverson-Quigley Management Systems to the scientologist company section

31.5.2004: Added link to Pier Paderni to the scientologist company section

30.5.2004: Added link to Gloves in a bottle, Inc to the scientologist company section

22.5.2004: Added link to Financial Rescue Services to the scientologist company section

21.5.2004: Added link to Words & Pictures East Coast, LLC to the scientologist company section

20.5.2004: Added link to Robert Hogg and Justin Houchin to the individual scientologists section

25.4.2004: Added link to Karl Loren to the individual scientologists section

13.3.2004: Added link to ZIEL Schule to the scientology front groups section

20.2.2004: Added link to Advanced BioStructural Correction™ to the scientologist company section

18.2.2004: Added link to Royal Ruby Cranberries to the scientologist company section

15.2.2004: Added link to Rapport MIVILUDES 2003

11.2.2004: Added Troop 8 to the scientology front groups section

10.2.2004: Added Whole Track Multimedia to the scientologist company section

1.2.2004: Added Krebs Immobilien to the scientologist company section

23.1.2004: Added Thunderstar Networks to the scientologist company section

13.1.2004: Added W. I. Mind Consulting SRL to the scientologist company section

12.1.2004: Added Falkow, Inc to the scientologist company section

11.1.2004: Added Andrik Schapers to the individual scientologists section

6.1.2004: Added Praun Consulting to the scientologist company section

5.1.2004: Added link to Jim Warren to the individual scientologists section

3.1.2004: Added link to Ha. A. Mehler, Software Technology Service, easy train, Software Shelf International to the scientologist company section

2.1.2004: Added link to Dr. Aydin Cabi to the individual scientologists section

1.1.2004: Added link to Sunbelt Software Distribution, Inc, Effective Translations to the scientologist company section

30.12.2003: Added link to Scientology Brochüre vom Verfassungsschutz Baden-Württemberg to the german section

28.12.2003: Added link to Contacts & Management H. Benneck & Partner GmbH to the scientologist company section

26.12.2003: Added link to Rainer Pagel to the individual scientologists section

25.12.2003: Added link to UpTrend AG to the scientologist company section

28.11.2003: Added link to Clearwater Village, L.L.C. to the scientologist company section

12.10.2003: Added link to Steven Ferry to the individual scientologists section

30.8.2003: Added link to Sun Pacific Mortgage to the scientologist company section

24.8.2003: Added link Florida politicians and officials lending credibility to Scientology to the politics section

4.8.2003: Added Action Duct Cleaning to the scientologist company section

3.8.2003: Added Keith Relkin to the individual scientologists section

29.6.2003: Added Mo Duk Pai kung fu to the scientologist company section

9.3.2003: Added Knusperstube Bäckerei GmbH and Edwin Storfer to the scientologist company section

2.3.2003: Added Doctor Gabriele Segalla to the individual scientologists section

9.2.2003: Added Scientologist David Amreim charged by the FTC to the scientologist company section

7.2.2003: Gerichtsurteil: Kritische Berichterstattung über Auftreten mit Scientology-naher Person ist zulässig in die deutsche Abteilung hinzugefügt

3.1.2003: Added Stan Dubin's Scientology Marriage Counseling to theindividual scientologists section

2.1.2003: Added Alice Pero to the individual scientologists section

1.1.2003: Added spammer Data Resource Consulting, Inc to the scientologist company section

30.12.2002: Added Larry's House to the scientologist company section

29.12.2002: Added the Literacy & Educational Ability Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.) to the scientology front groups section

4.9.2002: Added link to Old Mutha Hubbard the Crewmate Song by Robert Darby to the humour section

13.9.2002: Added Harlingen Family Dentistry, Fast Forward Consulting, Inc, to the scientologist company section

3.9.2002: Added Deering Banjo Company to the scientologist company section

24.8.2002: Added Andrej Santic to the scientologist section, added AG zur Entlastung von Führungskräften to the scientologist company section

21.7.2002: Added Marvan Installateur to the scientologist company section

13.7.2002: Added Lidl Dachbewirtschaftung to the scientologist company section

2.6.2002: Added Safe Harbor to the pro-scientology section

1.6.2002: Security-Check für Katzen in die deutsche Abteilung hinzugefügt

31.5.2002: Added pictures from the Leipzig Award 2002

20.5.2002: Added Peter Somplatzky to the scientologist company section

16.5.2002: MILS Bericht in deutsch in die deutsche Abteilung hinzugefügt

4.5.2002: Scientology und Dianetik Ex-Site in die deutsche Abteilung hinzugefügt

13.4.2002: Added Youth for Human Rights International and David J. Kaup to the pro-scientology section

31.3.2002: Added AllGrund Immobilien to the scientologist company section

13.1.2002: Added Caroline Kyhl and  Lending Universe to the pro-scientology section

2.1.2002: Added I.D.E.A.S. to the pro-scientology section

1.1.2002: Added page with lots of tiny Mozilla logos to the Mozilla Museum; added pictures from the Leipzig Award 2001

23.12.2001: Added Nutrina, Event Management Services, AireSpring Wireless, Wireless WebConnect, the Clearwater Academy, Caroline Putnam, Afterburner Design Web Development, Cathy Segal Garcia, Boingo Wireless Internet Service to the pro-scientology section

16.12.2001: Added some Christmas Parodies to the humour section

6.12.2001: Added Bruning Pottery, Darren Desepoli, Sylvain Galibert to the pro-scientology section

13.11.2001: Added Laughworks, Renaissance Speakers, Artists for a better world to the pro-scientology section

4.10.2001: Added Richard Henley to the pro-scientology section

13.9.2001: Added The Business Troubleshooter to the pro-scientology section

10.9.2001: Added Jeffrey Scott to the pro-scientology section

24.8.2001: Added Jule Rotenberg, Michelle Stafford, Denice Duff, Sofia Milos, Jim Meskimen, to the pro-scientology section

23.8.2001: Added link to excellent article about e.Republic and Government Technology Magazine

31.7.2001: Added the Dennel Receivership website to the pro-scientology section

19.7.2001: Added Mr. Jim's Pizza to the pro-scientology section

4.7.2001: moved the picket pages away from geocities.

2.7.2001: Added the Association of Citizens for Social Reform, the CSR PAC and the Writers' Script Network to the pro-scientology section

24.6.2001: Added cable showing the US State Department conspiring with Scientology to the politics section

23.6.2001: Added Amadeo Mena, Flasch Business Consulting, Miracle Method and Devora Lindeman to the pro-scientology section

5.6.2001: Added Fritz Spohn Seminare to the pro-scientology section

27.5.2001: Added ThetaSingles.com (since 2003 FreeSpiritSingles.com) to the pro-scientology section

16.5.2001: Added Reed Slatkin to the pro-scientology section

6.5.2001: Added Boston Brick and Stone, Leah Remini to the pro-scientology section

25.3.2001: Added a description of Selfosophy to the humour section

24.3.2001: Added the Anthony Turrisi Company to the pro-scientology section

17.3.2001: Added Beacon Communications, eLearnAid, Stout Systems Development, Inc to the pro-scientology section

9.3.2001: Added Management Success! to the pro-scientology section

7.3.2001: Added George Eckhert, Words in a Row Website Marketing, First Search, Inc to the pro-scientology section

5.3.2001: Added Silver Lining Health Products, Chandler's Soaps, and several (!) examples of Cisco using Study Technology to the pro-scientology section

15.2.2001: Added Trainor Business Forms and Printing to the pro-scientology section

10.2.2001: Added Bulldog Capital Management and Michael Pinkus to the pro-scientology section

6.2.2001: Added Arbeitsgruppe Scientology to the german section

5.2.2001: Added The Hidden Message in L. Ron Hubbard's "Study Tech" to the Study Technology section

4.2.2001: Added Integrity Jewelry to the pro-scientology section

25.12.2000: Added TCM  Tschuppert to the pro-scientology section

13.12.2000: Updated link to Prof. Zimbardo's Prison Experiment

11.12.2000: Started a series of pages for my 2000 vacation in Clearwater, FL

18.11.2000: How to deinstall DISKEEPER: in englisch or in german

12.11.2000: Comic von Gerhard Förster: Unheimliche Begegnung

15.10.2000: Added the lonely deluded Ana Livingston to the pro-scientology section

24.9.2000: Added Yarralinda to the pro-scientology section

21.9.2000: Added new Interview mit Ilse Hruby-Plechl über ihre scientologische Ehe to the german section

8.9.2000: Added Get in Comm to the pro-scientology section

31.8.2000: Added Scientology's latest front group The Hate Crimes Prevention Project to the pro-scientology section

30.8.2000: Added Ian Shillington, Dennis Clarke and Seekers of the Lost to the pro-scientology section

8.8.2000: Added the Rejuvenique Ultimate Facial Toning System to the pro-scientology section

1.8.2000: Added Friends of the United Nations to the pro-scientology section

28.7.2000: Added Mein Besuch der Was ist Scientology Ausstellung to the german section

23.7.2000: Added Natascha: My boyfriend was a Scientologist to the personal stories section

19.7.2000: Added link to the Lisa McPherson Trust

16.7.2000: Added link to Foundation for Native State and a photograph of body wrapper photograph of Margit Margreiter to the pro-scientology section

15.7.2000: Added link to the I-20 Animal Medical Center to the pro-scientology section

7.7.2000: Add link to OT3 illustrated for children to the humour section

5.7.2000: Added Kathryn's story to the personal stories section

25.6.2000: Added link to the Xenu winamp skin

19.6.2000: Added The Mace-Kingsley Ranch School, Linda Mears, Charles Mears, Lewis Caroll Academy of the Arts, Dr. Karl Mörz, Pablo Röhrig, Tock Autoscheibenservice, Hannes Margreiter to the pro-scientology section

11.6.2000: Added link to "South Park" spoof of scientology to the humour section

10.6.2000: Added link to Interview mit Ilse Hruby-Plechl über ihre scientologische Ehe (Link replaced on 21.9.2000 with new interview) to the german section

8.6.2000: Pictures from the Leipzig 2000 award

7.6.2000: Added link to news from the Fashion Police to the humour section

6.6.2000: Added link to the artist Jon Atack

5.5.2000: Added Jessica Rockwell to the pro-scientology section

23.4.2000: Added CityCenter Co., Leopold Faulhaber to the pro-scientology section

21.4.2000: Added Smith Roofing, Cruse Control creative services, Mastertech Computer Products, Drain Patrol, Snyder Mfg. Co., Technology Group Mgmt Pty. Ltd, Achiever Group, Sweet Wheat, Natural Balance, Vincenzo Comm Design, Inc, Olson Graphics Solutions, The Affinity Exchange, Kenwalt Die Casting to the pro-scientology section

18.4.2000: Added the lawsuit of SEC v. Bryan J. Zwan to the pro-scientology section

17.4.2000: Added Jeschke, Inc and The Debt Solution to the pro-scientology section

12.4.2000: Added link to Battlefield Earth critical site in the Scientollywood section

9.4.2000: Added A to B home loans, The Software Works!, David Pomeranz,

26.3.2000: Added Rigney Graphics to the pro-scientology section

19.3.2000: Added Video Tech Services, Lewis Bass International, E-M Designs to the pro-scientology section

14.3.2000: Added Teddy Bear Town and Schippers & Crew, Inc to the pro-scientology section

23.2.2000: Added Sioux Hart, Visiosonic to the pro-scientology section

15.2.2000: Added Aidan Piers, Whitman Hall, Clear Images, Reality Computing, Uptrends Management Software to the pro-scientology section

6.2.2000: Added Rebecca Weiss Sjouwerman and her Gallery to the pro-scientology section

29.1.2000: Added Panda Software, National Association for Advancement of Medicine to the pro-scientology section

27.1.2000: Added The Kroiss Cancer Center to the pro-scientology section

30.12.1999: Added Dennison Academy, Superphonics, Truth Books, Controlled Release Technologies, Inc. to the pro-scientology section

29.12.1999: Added The Mojave Academy, The Hollywood Writer’s Society, HandyGirl Professional Organizing, Vitals Voedingssupplementen B.V. to the pro-scientology section

28.12.1999: Do bears shit in the woods?

27.12.1999: Added photos from the Berlin activities of 1997

26.12.1999: Added link to a scary photograph of Anne Archer, AMC Publishing, and Robert Cefail to the pro-scientology section

23.12.1999: Added photos from the Hamburg counter-demonstration

21.12.1999: Added Was ist Scientology? Die Fabrikation der Mensch-Maschine im kybernetischen Lernlabor, von Dr. Jürgen Keltsch

18.12.1999: Added the LifeWorks Wellness Center of David Minkoff to the pro-scientology section

10.12.1999: Started a series of pages for my 1999 vacation in Clearwater, FL

23.11.1999: Added link to Ron the War Hero

14.11.1999: Added PageMasters to the pro-scientology section

30.10.1999: Added a new feature: What you can do

18.10.1999: Added eCompanies to the pro-scientology section

16.10.1999: Added Charles Allen Harris to the pro-scientology section

15.10.1999: Added two MP3 songs by scientology critic Maggie Council (later moved here)

7.10.1999: Added the Dr. Clark Research Association to the pro-scientology section

25.9.1999: Added CEO Software,Baltimore Academy for Behavioral Optometry, Concept Technologies to the pro-scientology section

20.9.1999: Added Remaljeringsbolaget, American Flying Adentures to the pro-scientology section

19.9.1999: Allstate and Scientology share the same address

18.9.1999: Added Effective Training Solutions, Estey International, Life Improvement Through Education, ARC Music, Business Success, Robotic Parking to the pro-scientology section

11.9.1999: Added Carol Montgomery-Adams' High Tech Career Night scam to the pro-scientology section

8.8.1999: Added link to video of Psychotonomy sketch to the humour section

31.7.1999: Added Citizens for a Stable Community, G+G Vitamins, David Singer Enterprises to the pro-scientology section

26.6.1999: Made a final update to the Dennis Erlich section about his settlement

21.6.1999: Added Xenu pickets the premiere of Travolta's movie "The General's Daughter" to the Scientollywood section (also link to XENU-TV!)

20.6.1999: Added link to the french parliament report on cults

19.6.1999: Added link to russian site

6.6.1999: Added a page that compares L. Ron Hubbard to Dr. Seuss

29.5.1999: Added XENU-TV

23.5.1999: Added several pages about amazon.com's temporary censorship of "A Piece of Blue Sky" to the Jon Atack research page

25.4.1999: Added David Gaiman, McPhee & Associates, Intelligence Network Online, Inc., Parishioners.org to the pro-scientology section

24.4.1999: Added Richard Weigand, Mary Sue Hubbard, the mysterious Marty Rathbun and the indicted and unindicted Snow White participants to the pro-scientology section

23.4.1999: Added the Jesus' Witnesses

18.4.1999: Added Roger N. Carlsten to the pro-scientology section

10.4.1999: Added article on Milton Katselas to the pro-scientology section

16.3.1999: Updated the section on Dennis Erlich

10.3.1999: Added my 1998 vacation in Los Angeles, CA

9.3.1999: Added 1997 transcript of Religious Intolerance in Europe Today to the politics section

28.2.1999: Added Peter Ford, Kempe Immobilien, Process Focus Software, Inc., Theta Information Systems, On Target Research, Survival Insurance to the pro-scientology section

27.2.1999: Added the latest human rights report on Germany to the politics section

14.2.1999: Added Omnitronix, Psychiatry Kills to the pro-scientology section

31.1.1999: Added two new Mozilla images in the jobs section and the hobbies section

30.1.1999: link zum Sonderheft über Sekten der Schülerzeitung "Der Missionar" hinzugefügt

13.1.1999: Added Theta Engineering to the pro-scientology section

3.1.1999: Link zu Dieter Rohmann und Odenwälder Wohnhof hinzugefügt

23.12.1998: Zauberlink zu Frank Pronath hinzugefügt

10.12.1998: Started a series of pages for my 1998 vacation in Clearwater, FL

27.11.1998: Added Derek De Vette and Man Made Souls to the pro-scientology section

18.11.1998: Added link to Ingo Heinemann

17.11.1998: Added Cult Apologists FAQ

7.11.1998: Satireblatt von Norbert Potthoff: Niklas mit dem Tintenfaß [entfernt am 21.7.2000]

5.11.1998: TIP Titelbild aus 1996 "Angriff aus Scientollywood"

4.11.1998: Added link to anti-scientology page in Portuguese!

31.10.1998: Added link to Aktion für Geistige und Psychische Freiheit e.V. (AGPF)

17.10.1998: Added Essay: Scientology in the year 2039

2.10.1998: Added "wie scientology die eigene Lächerlichkeit enthüllt"

30.9.1998: Added link to Brochüre des Bayrischen Innenministeriums mit Antworten auf 25 Fragen

27.9.1998: Added link to Alpha Structural, Inc to the pro-scientology section

20.9.1998: Added link to Tax-exempt Child Abuse and Neglect

19.9.1998: Added link to foto from the LA picket in March 1998

18.9.1998: Added Eddie Deezen to the pro-scientology section

7.9.1998: Added 1968 article Scientology: menace to mental health

6.9.1998: Added Dr. Gabriele Yonan to the pro-scientology section

3.9.1998: Made a separate page about Massimo Introvigne, and linked to an amazing repository of material on Massimo Introvigne and the french article Pour en finir avec Massimo Introvigne

2.9.1998: Added links to Opus Dei Awareness Network and Opus Dei - The Unofficial Homepage

22.8.1998: Added scientology exposes itself to the pro-scientology section

21.8.1998: Added Chuck Jacobs, Pacific Management Consultants to the pro-scientology section

20.8.1998: Added link to Howard Stern making fun of scientologists to the humour section

16.8.1998: Added Corin Nemec (aka "Parker Lewis") to the pro-scientology section

15.8.1998: Added Dennis Erlich to get his drivers license suspended to the personal stories section

4.8.1998: Added Fidelity Creditor Service, Inc, Leahy & Associates, Valerie Beardon, James M. Keppler to the pro-scientology section

3.8.1998: Added how a woman lost $34,000 to Sterling Management and ruined her marriage

5.7.1998: Added link to Foundation for religious tolerance to the pro-scientology section

4.7.1998: Added link to Introvigne and CESNUR's misrepresentation of an APA memo

28.6.1998: Added link to personal home page of scientologist and Holocaust denier Tom Marcellus (former director of the IHR), found on scientology's own web site! (See here for more material on him)

27.6.1998: Added Zvonimir Rupnik, L.D. Sledge, Survival Strategies to the pro-scientology section

21.6.1998: Took over Ramon Kolb pages about Earle Cooley, Scientology and Boston University

13.6.1998: Added Suddenly Slender to the pro-scientology section

12.6.1998: Added Mozilla digging to the Mozilla Museum

6.6.1998: Added Race Tire Service Inc., Environmental Building Products, to the pro-scientology section

1.6.1998: Added Laury Dizengremel, Karen Kay, Rosser Cole to the pro-scientology section

25.5.1998: Added link to Wendy's questions

24.5.1998: Added Diarrhetics to the fun section

23.5.1998: Added Bein & Fushi, One Step Data, Gary Baren, Hans Eisenman, Networking Dynamics Corporation, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to the pro-scientology section

8.5.1998: Added Competence Software to the pro-scientology section

27.4.1998: Added text of lawsuit by H. Brian Haney against Digital Lightwave

19.4.1998: Added Allarme Scientology: La prima pagina critica in Italia; added DianeTech, Applied Spiritual Linguistic Technology in the humour section

18.4.1998: Added Alexis Genung to the pro-scientology section

11.4.1998: Added a page analyzing the motives of Alexander Cockburn and a link to Apelomatics: The Modern Pseudoscience of Mental Dentistry

4.4.1998: Added link to under-cover investigation of applied scholastics by german reporters

27.3.1998: Added link to The Boston Herald's 5-part series on scientology

23.3.1998: Added Jean Brasel to the pro-scientology section

4.3.1998: Added scenes from an Alley fight to the pro-scientology section

27.2.1998: Added link to video of the raid on Dennis Erlich

21.2.1998: Added link to the Xenu after-school special!

16.2.1998: Added Narconon of Northern California, Herman Strijewski and Paulette Layton to the pro-scientology section

6.2.1998: Added Gerhard Waterkamp to the pro-scientology section

1.2.1998: Added David Morse & Associates, Bill Allum to the pro-scientology section

30.1.1998: The parody images are back!

25.1.1998: Added Keplin Johansen, Loren Sherman, and internal Tradenet information to the pro-scientology section

10.1.1998: Added Dottie Smith, Jenna Elfman, the indictement of Dr. Harry A. Hieke to the pro-scientology section

4.1.1998: Added two amusing fotos of cult apologist J. Gordon Melton to the pro-scientology section

2.1.1998: Added Israeli College of Dianetics and Scientology to the pro-scientology section

31.12.1997: Added Multimedia site with many TV shows in RealAudio; added link the IRS deal with Scientology in 1993 to the pro-scientology section

27.12.1997: Added Jon Batson, WellSpring Records to the pro-scientology section

20.12.1997: Added L. Ron's Ghost (a Christmas Tale with David Miscavige), a HCOPL about Christmas in orgs, and Travolta Hospitalized With Critically Low E-Meter Reading to the fun section

13.12.1997: Added Megan Shields to the pro-scientology section

23.11.1997: Added Silhouet Management Support B.V. and court documents from the lavish life of Kirstie Alley to the pro-scientology section

14.11.1997: Added Lawrence Jaffe, Paul Becker and Jan Becker, Pierre Denis, Larry Wheaton, to the pro-scientology section

12.11.1997: Added 12 new images to the Mozilla Museum

4.11.1997: Added Cult Fictionto the fun section

1.11.1997: Added The James family, to the pro-scientology section

12.10.1997: Added the story of OT8 Michael Pattinson to the personal stories section

8.10.1997: Added Top 10 signs the Germans are investigating your org to the fun section

7.10.1997: Added Mozilla stomps IE

3.10.1997: Added link to Scientology's Secret Service

1.10.1997: Added Scientology's list of academic sock puppets, George Murgatroyd 3, Chelekis' libel trial to the pro-scientology section

13.9.1997: Artikel der Hamburger Morgenpost zur Presse-Seite hinzugefügt

10.9.1997: Added Pope Charles' visit to the scientology bookstore in Houston to the personal stories section

6.9.1997: Added REVIVE

5.9.1997: Added Operation Funny Bone to the fun section; added TroycoUSA [TM] International, Larry Weeks, Susi Galloway to the pro-scientology section

3.9.1997: Added Robert Parry's six part series in The Consortium about the Dark Side of Rev. Moon ($10)

31.8.1997: Added Emanation, Inc., Foundation for the advancement of Science and Education (FASE) and U-Man to the pro-scientology section

(Date unknown) Added Xenu's Link Sleuth, a software to check websites for broken links

20.8.1997: Added link to Operation PC Freak-out

9.8.1997: Added EPE, Frants Juel, Kate Ceberano, CESNUR to the pro-scientology section; added a cartoon from the Washington Post to the fun section

8.8.1997: Added a discussion about Study Technology

7.8.1997: Added the Scientology Home Page awards to the pro-scientology section

30.7.1997: Added the declaration of Michael J. Calagna about the difficulty to perform legal service on scientollywood celebrities

29.7.1997: Added L. Ron Elementary school to the fun section

26.7.1997: Added Clarity Authoring Services, Inc., Mark Roberts Motion Control, The Jive Aces, to the pro-scientology section

21.7.1997: Added Digital Lightwave, Inc to the pro-scientology section

20.7.1997: Started the Greta van Susteren page

17.7.1997: Added Roxanne Friend to the personal stories section

16.7.1997: Added An Inside View of a Chiropractic Office

15.7.1997: Added Implant Stations on Mars to the fun section

12.7.1997: Added Ted Mayett's picket page

24.6.1997: Added The Heart Will Find a Way: Creating a Network of Reunion and the article about Dorothy and Robert Geary

22.6.1997: Added the story of Dee and Glover Rowe and of Lin M to the personal stories section.

21.6.1997: Added Marko Cehaja to the pro-scientology section

15.6.1997: Added Michael Timm's Informationen und Meinungen

8.6.1997: Added link to the Disappearing Articles FAQ; added Top 10 rejected Tom Cruise movie titles in the fun section; and David Cookein the pro-scientology section

4.6.1997: Added more italian documents

2.6.1997: Added the cartoon John Lennon lectures the clams to the fun section; added Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center; added Neal H. Sobol, and Those who oppose scientology in the pro-scientology section

25.5.1997: Added Ken Harthun, Lord McNair and Ron the "poet" in the pro-scientology section; added link to "Dear Amanda" in the personal stories section; added a new Mozilla image to the Mozilla Museum

18.5.1997: Added the german TV segment on scientology, Abel Gutachten

10.5.1997: Added Scientology Missions International, Delphi "Academy" of LA, Delphi Alumni site, Mason Gravitt, to the pro-scientology section

8.5.1997: Added Josh Stimpson, Jit Patel, Jim Dovico, John A. James, Mark Gilbert, Peggy Howard, Anders Ekwall, Jay Eric Jensen, Jari Kotavuopio, Timothy L. Flynn, Art Del Barrio and Health Investments International, Tsvika Korren, van der Lind, Kirsten Barrie in the pro-scientology section

20.4.1996: Added Sterling Management in the pro-scientology section

19.4.1997: More italian stuff (look for "italian" on the main page)

5.4.1997: Added stuff in italian

4.4.1997: Added l'anti-scientologue Roger Gonnet

28.3.1997: Added scientology patents in the pro-scientology section

25.3.1997: Added OT3 for Bill Gates in the fun section

23.3.1997: Added Technasource, added skeptical cell-tech info, Robert F. Brennan in the pro-scientology section

18.3.1997: Added the Purification rundown, George W. Vigil in the pro-scientology section

16.3.1997: Added TradeNet, TelSoft Solutions Inc. in the pro-scientology section

8.3.1997: Added George Chelekis' SEC settlement, and the L.A.P.D. in the pro-scientology section

28.2.1997: Added the 15 missing chapters of Dianetics to the fun section

23.2.1997: Added InfoGroup Services in the pro-scientology section

20.2.1997: Added Time For A Quick One, Inc in the pro-scientology section

19.2.1997: Added The hidden features of Mozilla in the Mozilla Museum; added link to Arnie's report Two bad days at cult rock and to House Resolution 22

16.2.1997: Added Greece uncovers scientology; added ABC children's study books in the pro-scientology section; added Donald Payne in the politics section

12.2.1997: Added clam animation in the fun section

8.2.1997: Added World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE); added Rick Ross, Carol Giambalvo

2.2.1997: Added letter of the IRS proselytising for scientology

1.2.1997: British Body Thetan Society Home Page

31.1.1997: animated version of Mozilla's hobbies

26.1.1997: Added the OT III Scholarship Page, the Lisa McPherson Memorial Page, Erlich - still at large, Maßnahmen der Bayerischen Staatsregierung gegen Scientology; added The (fake) cult awareness network (CAN), SEC files on Earthlink and Dr. Stephen C. Feinstein in the pro-scientology section

20.1.1997: Added Dan Dugan's info on Waldorf Education

7.1.1996: Added Isaac Hayes and Anne Archer in the pro-scientology section

3.1.1996:Filmkritiken, die keiner braucht hinzugefügt

29.12.1996: Added the Dohring Company in the pro-scientology section

25.12.1996: Added REVEAL: Former Members of the ICC, added Jugement Du 22 Novembre 1996, added Documents Of A Lifetime - the uncensored L. Ron Hubbard papers

15.12.1996: Added Nancy Cartwright, Scientology is News in the pro-scientology section; put back the french report

11.12.1996: Added "Doctor" Harry K. Wong in the pro-scientology section

3.12.1996: Added International Mozilla

2.12.1996: Added Peter Gillham Nutrition, Ray Cassano Enterprises, Isadore Chait, Harriet Schock in the pro-scientology section

26.11.1996: Added Len Williams Design in the pro-scientology section

24.11.1996: Added OT3 for cats, Miscavige: teddy-bear abuser, CCHR uncovers the Steiff deep-sleep Teddy-Bear conspiracy in the humour section

16.11.1996: Added Peter Widmer's homepage, and pointers to NOTS packs; added documentation of Ed McCloskey's behaviour in the pro-scientology section

15.11.1996: Added letters from/to Moseley-Braun and Moorhead in the politics section

14.11.1996: Added Theta Data, Diane Klein, Jack Molisani, Steve Turnbull in the pro-scientology section

12.11.1996: Added Dennis might go to jail

8.11.1996: Added Mozilla 27:14 – 22

2.11.1996: Added my PGP Key

29.10.1996: Added Ariane's posting Hubbard says my Flag "auditors" were lazy, dishonest, fakes

27.10.1996: Added Ed McCloskey, Willard Michlin, Kendrick Moxon, Steven L. Hayes, Timothy Bowles, The Internet Design Line in the pro-scientology section

25.10.1996: Vierte Auflage des Lexikon der Informatik und Datenverarbeitung ist erschienen!

20.10.1996: Added Norman Knox (with something he calls "poetry"), Wiseman & Burke, Kenneth J. Gerbino & Company Investment Management in the pro-scientology section; updated the clueless politicspage with US State Dept document links and positively mentioned Nevada Senator

17.10.1996: Added Geoffrey Lewis, updated the part on Ron Chester, added Geoff Levin and Artists for a Better World in the pro-scientology section

13.10.1996: Added info that the Smithsonian Institute denies any human-clam evolutionary link; added Billy Sheehan, Douglas Casey in the pro-scientology section

10.10.1996: Added link to a german court decision that scientology tried to keep secret, added Keith Code and the California Superbike School, LinkMasters in the pro-scientology section; added Hans-Kaspar Rhyner, another Patron Meritorious refusing to pay his debts

9.10.1996: Added link to Xenu's vacation in Ann Arbor, Michigan

7.10.1996: Added link to Tony Strawn in the pro-scientology section

30.9.1996: added link to Tim Jones, James Heer, Dean Wentling, James Eberhart, Alan L. Eames, Gary Condoluci in the pro-scientology section

28.9.1996: added link to the harassment of Ariane Jackson; added link to the frequently unanswered questions; added links to Hubert Heller, Jaffe & Soeder, Gloria Idda, Chuck Bell, the Concerned Businessmen's Association of America, Axiom International, Heber Jentzsch, Kurt Weiland, Mike Rinder, Guillaume Lesèvre, David Miscavige in the pro-scientology section

25.9.1996: added Helena Kobrin auditing a tomato!

21.9.1996: Added a foto of a Xenu impersonator

14.9.1996: Added second support letter to scientology by CA Governor Pete Wilson, Mickael Tussier's Hubbard Dianétique Scientologie Danger Secte, added Peter Mousiol in the personal stories section

12.9.1996: Added Sad memories of an OT8

7.9.1996: Added Zane's telling of imprisonment of a young woman in Edinburgh, Mark W. Pope's Gemstar Realty in the business section, the ClamBust game and a Xenu cartoon in the fun section

30.8.1996: Added Kim Baker's The Beast, added link to more books, added how David Gerard became a scientologist

28.8.1996: Added the Christian Research Institute Archive

24.8.1996: Added Biographical Profiles of the top clams, Elron's microphone collection, Scientology's Tone Scale in the pro-scientology section; added new members in the clueless politicians list

22.8.1996: Added Dave Cintron in the pro-scientology section

17.8.1996: Added some of my own humour in the humour section

11.8.1996: Added Ernest Meyerhoff in the pro-scientology section

3.8.1996: Added Scientology Stuttgart and hate messages from scientologists

28.7.1996: Added Hillary Clinton, FL Sens Bob Graham and Connie Mack, and Thomas Eagleton in the US politics page.

26.7.1996: Added link to World Literacy Crusade, International Association for Effective Education, Battlefield Earth

21.7.1996: Added link to Flavil Yeakley's book on the Boston movement The Discipling Dilemma, Elron's music attempt The road to freedom and to the Dialog Center International

17.7.1996: Added OT3 for French dentists

15.7.1996: Added Eric Anderson and Julie Snyder in the pro-scientology section

14.7.1996: Added Hubbard College of Administration, Chick Corea, Craig Jensen in the pro-scientology section

11.7.1996: Added John Novello, Van-garde Imagery, Delphi School and Greenfields School in the pro-scientology section

10.7.1996: Stellungnahme der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zu Beschwerden

30.6.1996: Added link to CCHR, NARCONON, CRIMINON, The Way to Happiness, Applied Scholastics, A.B.L.E. in the pro-scientology section

15.6.1996: Added link to Spiritual Counterfeits Project

11.6.1996: Added James Eberhart (on request) in the pro-scientology section

31.5.1996: Added link to John Travolta

29.5.1996: Added link to Chris Owen's Scientology audited and to his analysis of Scientology's fight for apartheid; added link to Xenu's favorite web site, VolcanoWorld

27.5.1996: Added link to Arnaldo Lerma and pictures of the raid on his home to the personal stories page

14.5.1996: Added Peter Forde's bear traps to the personal stories page, added Robert Johnson in the pro-scientology section

10.5.1996: Added link to really evil picture of Kobrin, updated trapper exposed

7.5.1996: Added link to the Eckankar (tm) Recovery Room, added Sloth's response to scientology's non-answers 'What Misconceptions Are There About Scientology'

6.5.1996: Added link to the Anti-OT device from Kwantem Industries

5.5.1996: Added the section Miscellaneous support for scientology; added Patty Walko in the pro-scientology section

4.5.1996: Added link to Truth and Accuracy in the Media, a new scientology front group in the pro-scientology section. Added Dossier Cientologia, from the portuguese student magazine Differencial, added the monster under bed story in the fun section

15.4.1996: Added many posts by Dennis Erlich, including a call for money to his defense fund

14.4.1996: Added link to Cyril Vosper's book The Mind Benders, link to Marina's archive of personal stories, added Paul Grosswald's turbulent exit-counseling to the personal stories page, added scientology's attempt to register the clam snapping sound as a trademark to the fun page

10.4.1996: Added speech from Jon Atack: Complain and Inform

7.4.1996: Added eight new hobbies of Mozilla, added link to the article Making Law, Making Enemies from The American Lawyer; added The First Electronic Church of Scamizdat and The Church of Appliantology; added MAGNA Computer Corp, James Forte, Paul S. Wallace, Bob & Char Huish, Tim Corbo and Judy Young-Corbo, Jon Benton MacKinder and Bruce Gilham in the pro-scientology section

30.3.1996: Added Elysia's adventure in presenting Xenu in her creative writing class

29.3.1996: Added link to the Watchtower Observer

28.3.1996: Added links to Greta van Susteren in the pro-scientology section

25.3.1996: Added link to Mark Ebner's article in Spy Magazine and link to Larry Gentry's Thunderway Publishing in the business section

24.3.1996: Added celebrity scientologist Mark Isham and ordinary scientologist John C. Lancaster in the pro-scientology section; added Paulette Cooper's book The Scandal of Scientology

18.3.1996: Added a lot of open NNTP servers in the magic exposure section

17.3.1996: Added scientology.org, lronhubbard.org and dianetics.org in the pro-scientology section, and added Cass Warners cosmetic spam

6.3.1996: Added The authentic Steven Fishman page, another dead-agent work

3.3.1996: Added Karin Spaink's I write therefore I am

2.3.1996: Added Fanatics - a quick comparison of Scientology and Soviet Communism on the Jon Atack research page

29.2.1996: Added The neural surfer

26.2.1996: Added Cherished Teddies ®

25.2.1996: Started the reconnection page for missing people, added Deirdre's extorted confession, three links to Delphi School, Brian Wenger's posting of Dennis' PC folders, the Netscape HTTP Cookie Notes, Warner Sisters, Cass Warner and Eric Sherman in the business section

21.2.1996: Added Ramon's BU and scientology page

19.2.1996: Added a scary mug shot and clouds on the Jon Atack page

18.2.1996: Added several pictures to Mozilla's hobbies

16.2.1996: Added Jon Atack's OT3 for beginners

12.2.1996: Added Laura Blanchard's personal story: prevention of dianetics

4.2.1996: Added Jeff's tale of two CDs, a good example of legal abuse of the law by scientology attorneys.

29.1.1996: Added U-Man

27.1.1996: Added Scientology cartoons from Waa, added the escape of Zane Thomas

20.1.1996: Copied link to My life as a celebrity Scientologist in the fun section; added Micro 2000 and AllMicro in the companies list

19.1.1996: Added a lot of bear sites, and a lot of Tilmans in the list

9.1.1996: Started to update Kim Baker story

6.1.1996: Added alt.scientology.war article

1.1.1996: Added link to Ingo Michehl, an ex-Moonie. Updated info on LRI in the pro-scientology links page

28.12.1995: Removed link to "The road to Wellville" because of false info

24.12.1995 (!): Finished the footnotes on the Jon Atack page

19.12.1995: Added link (!) to scientologist and Holocaust denier Tom Marcellus

18.12.1995: Added a feature to search for press releases about scientology on the SPD server

16.12.1995: Added Steve Fishman's Steve Fishman page, Scientology's Steve Fishman page, Stu Sjouwerman.
Added The ultimate adventure: getting a refund and On and off for 15 years in the personal stories

11.12.1995: Added research by Jon Atack

9.12.1995: Separated the fun page, added Diapetics, a Christmas tale and a spoof of a cult talk show; added Jeff Lee's scientology page

6.12.1995: Added Aktinson-Baker in the pro-scientology list

3.12.1995: Added info on Congress' dimmest bulb #8 Sonny Bono and added LA Mayor Richard Riordan in the US politics list

2.12.1995: Added SnorriGate

30.11.1995: Added The Electronic Infrastructure of Scientology.

27.11.1995: Added Marina's Manor (with parody songs about scientology), Dave's Cults page

26.11.1995: Added the Watchman Fellowship

25.11.1995: Added bears

20.11.1995: Added link to The Road to Xenu and to the F.A.C.T.Net archive

19.11.1995: Started the clueless politicians list, added Scienetics and Dioretix to the fun section

14.11.1995: Added Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (C.A.T.S.), a possible front group

12.11.1995: Added a few individual scientologists in the pro-scientology links section

11.11.1995: Added Karen Cutchin's friend 2 1/2 year contract, and the dead-agent page, separated the pro-scientology links from the rest (unlike scientology, their link collection was expanding :-))

10.11.1995: Added the Peregrine Foundation, the Children of the Bruderhof International, Ari Lindemann's White Lotus Dharma Center, and the current business activities of Mo Budlong in the business section

9.11.1995: Added the American Family Foundation(AFF)

6.11.1995: Added the Tilman link page

5.11.1995: Link to TV shows in the Netherlands

4.11.1995: Added another pro-scientology link

2.11.1995: Added link to Vincent van Mozh.

20.10.1995: Dave J. Garaffa's Browser Watch

16.10.1995: added a few gopher sites

15.10.1995: added Dennis depression, and a link to Judge Breckenridge's decision

14.10.1995: added four new pro-scientology links. Yawn!

13.10.1995: added link to Xenu, the magazine

7.10.1995: added Hud Nordin personality test

30.9.1995: added Scientology cult attacks XS4ALL

28.9.1995: added link to the Helena Kobrin love page, to the Meditation Information Network

24.9.1995: Added description of scientology pressure on movie "World gone wild", switched link to TIME article

21.9.1995: Added link to the ClamBed

19.9.1995: Changed the entry for Landmark Research International

8.9.1995: Added edited e-mail from Maggie Council about an applied scholastics school, and the Cult Awareness Network.

7.9.1995: Added Brett Achorn's hard data on the co$.

5.9.1995: Scientology sues reality, Sloth's organized version of his web page.

1.9.1995: David H. Dennis has a new address, new NNTP server, Wochenpost article, slight update of the personal stories (FACTNet memberships)

26.8.1995: Updated link to Jeff's page

25.8.1995: Added Steve's page, F.A.C.T.Net back on the air, changed link to BBC

24.8.1995: Added Steve Hassan, German press review

22.8.1995: Link to Mozilla Easter eggs changed

18.8.1995: Added links to Scott Madigan and Taneli Huuskonen, and two new open NNTP servers for alt.magic.secrets.

13.8.1995: Added two more Mozilla hobbies: climbing and writing.

12.8.1995: Added new co$ front group

11.8.1995: Added Jessie Blalock's page

9.8.1995: Added Conway & Siegelman excerpt, couch potato link, Berlin demo fotos

4.8.1995: Added second BBC site

3.8.1995: Added two new sites (fishman, discord), and Pope Charles stops smoking with a DobbsHead, Wollersheim debt

1.8.1995: Added Mozilla sunning, msu gopher bug, updated Dennis' résumé, added Dennis' departure, added another of Ken Long's posts, added another SPIEGEL article, added Zoe's name

19.7.1995: Mozilla Museum gets geek site of the day

14.7.1995: Added Reverend Bagley's letter, allegation of a giant conspiracy, and dd's brain post

11.7.1995: Added two SPIEGEL articles

2.7.1995: Hot Stocks, "deadbeat mom" Xenu

28.6.1995: Modemac link, more german links.

26.6.1995: Mozilla's hobbies (new Mozilla pictures), reorganised Museum, added some counters to see if people like my pages.

21.6.1995: Big win: a clam icon!

17.6.1995: Lisa Marie Presley conspiracy link, Exit-Counselling at Tony's

16.6.1995: Applied Scholastics story

14.6.1995: magic exposure stuff, including "Tilman needs a therapist".

11.6.1995: Dennis' résumé, Troy Miranda's success story, update on Pope Charles, wonderbra success story.

9.6.1995: Added Xenu.com

5.6.1995: Added link to 2001
Zauber-Dokument als Windows-Hilfe-Datei

3.6.1995: Added movies connected to scientology

2.6.1995: added Scott Goehring and Jim Diver's pages, Mozilla easter eggs

30.5.1995: added a link to bianca, somewhere...

29.5.1995: Kim's SP declare

27.5.1995: Leisa Goodman's home page, CAN "reform group" home page, Jim Lippard's PI collection

26.5.1995: Zauber-Dokument als HTML!

25.5.1995: Meine Definitionen aus LEXIKON hinzugefügt!

24.5.1995: added Isabel's story

22.5.1995: added fornication anchor (thanks, Rich!)

16.5.1995: added BBC page, reversed this page, added "NEW", added scieno-run companies.

15.5.1995: added observer page

8.5.1995: added "Xenu is a mom", added encheferated post, added LRH foto link

6.5.1995: Zaubertricks entschlüsselt, 5te Auflage!

5.5.1995: added three scieno links

4.5.1995: added Paul Landon gets laid, Mozilla animation, fishcam

2.5.1995: added pinstriped suits link, deleted Dyer's page, added new FACTNet front-end, added Mozilla's prophecy

29.4.1995: added link to attorney Dyer, added link to story of Julie Richard, added story from Roy's mom, made index for mystory.html, added "back to my home page" twice, added a link to Jim Lippard, added "1984" reference, added David Dennis link, added Andrew's story

27.4.1995: Mozilla Museum, added story of Gordon

25.4.1995: Started this page, added Dennis Erlich job loss, added the well-known scientology internet links, changed "church" to "cult", added Kim Baker's "back to scientology" post (Thanks, Ron!).