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[Greta before and after]
Greta "before" and "after", see also here

Greta van Susteren once said in the Washington Post that she is a Scientologist ("I like the ethics") and in People ("I'm a strong advocate of their ethics"). Ethics in Scientology is not the same as in the real world. It means to "remove counter-intentions from the environment", i.e. to get the job done and apply Scientology. Greta has done this for many years at CNN and before, although she has tried to keep a rather low profile on the Scientology angle of these activities.

For years, Greta van Susteren was CNN's inhouse Scientologist and legal talker and co-hosted the show Burden of Proof until December 2001, when the show was cancelled and her co-host Roger Cossack fired. She then hosted The Point with Greta Van Susteren, a news and analysis show, until the end of 2001, when she resigned and signed up at FOXnews. At the end of January 2002, she had cosmetic surgery, which is why people nicknamed her Greta van Surgery. The "new, improved" FOXNews Greta looks quite different from the old "no frills" CNN Greta.

It is unknown to me what influence she had in CNN, and what her responsibility is for CNN's support of scientology was (e.g. cancelling the interview of Richard Behar after TIME won). She donated at least $40,000 to the "war chest" of the IAS (IMPACT #25; donation no longer mentioned on later editions), which is responsible for hate propaganda.

Her sister Dr. Lise Van Susteren is a psychiatrist in Washington, DC. Altough Scientologists cultivate a strong hatred for the mental health profession ("Psychiatry kills") and claim that it is a huge scam, Scientologist John Coale even called Lise to get the name of a cosmetic surgeon. (Update 2009: Read also this article about Lise)

The weird clothing from her CNN days can be explained: it's her husband. He buys her clothes. (An important Scientology concept is not to "invalidate" another scientologists opinion).

Learn more about Greta and her husband, and their "ethics" in the Scientology Celebrity FAQ

Xenu presents: The Greta Gallery (images located on CNN's site!)

Roger Cossack waiting, Greta staring 

an ad for toothpaste

looking OK

The GretaMouth

at work

fell out of her bed

facial trouble

solarium defect

"what 'ya looking at, surfa?"

clueless, as if she had just seen Xenu!

(My favourite!)

Photographs from the year 2000:

"It is a religion! Get used to it!"

"I know nothing..."

"We know your crimes" 

"beans... never again!"

"Well, doctor, if you really think 
a new face is the answer..."

Photograph from the year 2001:

"I will do it!"

The "new, improved" Greta at FOXnews


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Look! Xenu found Greta's Hubby! So Greta doesn't feel lonely :-)
John Coale staring at Sarah Palin
"That old guy behind me just called Mom a MILF! What dossat mean?"

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