So you came here because you googled for Royce Monteverdi. This person was previously known as Gerhard Haag, but changed his name on 12/9/2005, probably due to disastrous PR due to his Hoboken Robotic Parking activities (lawsuits, destroyed cars, and more).

St. Petersburg Times: Pinellas Park’s garage of tomorrow

St. Petersburg Times: Parking garage exec shakes his past

Hoboken Reporter: Car tumbles at automated garage

Hoboken Reporter: Breakdowns at 916 Garden garage

Parking Today blog Automated parking garage debacle continues (this is where I learned of the name change!)

WIRED: Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars

Gerhard Haag scientology Service Completitions

Search Google for Gerhard Haag (english language only)

The name change can be researched at Pinellas County public records database (use "Guest access"):

(see result at bottom of image)
Gerhard Haag name change to Royce Monteverdi