CESNUR and Massimo Introvigne

[Massimo Introvigne as vampire]

CESNUR is the alter-ego of cult apologist Massimo Introvigne who is actually an attorney specialized on intellectual property at Jacobacci & Partners, Turin. He is sometimes labelled as a "sociologist", but no evidence of any formal education in this field has been found by me. You can imagine Massimo Introvigne as a counterpart of J. Gordon Melton for roman language countries. In my opinion, CESNUR's work is mostly 1. promoting Massimo Introvigne as "scholar", 2. mentioning the size of his library. Here a description in german about CESNUR's background. Like Melton, Introvigne is also a hobby vampirologist. Please visit an interesting site exposing Introvigne and CESNUR's misrepresentation of an APA memo. (The people running this site had to get the APA memo from cult critics, because Introvigne and Melton were unable to come up with it!)

On September 1, 1998 this picture changed somewhat - Introvigne is actually part of a larger conspiracy; he is himself connected to the brazilian right-wing cult "Tradition, Family and Property". Miguel Martinez has compiled an amazing repository of material on Massimo Introvigne.

Read also a critic of his book in french: Pour en finir avec Massimo Introvigne

[Angry Icon]

On 10.7.1998, I discovered that CESNUR had illegally made a copy of my web page (I removed my version at the end of 2000), i.e. appropriating several hours of my work (I converted 29 files into HTML, set up links and corrected format errors in the table of contents). While the text is a public document, the HTML is my intellectual property.

On 6.8.1998, I learned that CESNUR had illegally made a copy of Mickael Tussier's page, which he and a friend had constructed by OCRing and HTMLizing a french government report. Again - the text is a public document, but the HTML is their intellectual property.

On 14.5.1999, I learned that CESNUR pressured an internet provider to remove Miguel Martinez' website http://www.kelebekler.com, which had been critical of CESNUR and its founder. Read all about in this press release. Amusingly, at least one of the accusations would also apply to me, since I have linked to Massimo's employer for a long time, without getting any problems.

On 20.7.1999, http://www.kelebekler.com went back on line.

On 16.11.1999, I learned that CESNUR put online without attribution a translation that had been made by Joe Cisar.

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