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A collection of internet resources from Scientology and Scientologists to show "the other side". (Unlike Scientology, which does not believe in outside links) If you are a Scientologist, ignore the humorous comments and use this page as a resource to meet your friends. If you are a Scientology critic, please do not e-mail these people – some Scientologists immediately cry "harassment!" or "persecution!" or send a 26Mb video file in your in-box when they get an e-mail from a critic, regardless of the content.

Disclaimers: read 'em, especially if you appear here!

General disclaimer: some information here comes from second-hand sources, like newspapers, Scientology publications or mailing lists. Please contact me at tilman at snafu dot de if you believe you found an error, if you want evidence about allegations, or if you do not want to be listed here (I will comply on the last one only if your affiliation isn't known from other well-known public sources, e.g. your own web site, obvious scieno-speak, newspapers, your own internet posts, court files, scientology business guides, your scientologists friends, the WISE business guide, etc). Information leading to inclusion in this web page might be outdated, so verify before making "vital" decisions.

Special note 10.10.1997: Because of a decision of the german supreme court related to the "outing" of scientologists (Scientologist Sabine H. had sued to prevent from being publicly called a Scientologist), names of "closet scientologists" (i.e. not already known) gathered only through TNX-L or IMPACT, and who are not "publicly proselytising" have been removed, although I was not a party of that lawsuit, and although I do not believe that german courts have jurisdiction about this since US citizens have almost no privacy rights in their own country.

Special Note 18.11.2001: I have replaced my links to most scientology websites with italic characters with the link text only. Scientology has been on a large scale operation to create 100s of bogus hosts to link to each other in an effort to overwhelm the Google.com search engine, so there is no need for me to support this with my links.

Disclaimer for individuals: Except where mentioned, I do not make a statement about these people except that I have evidence suggesting that they are Scientologists. This might be disputed by them in a court, claiming they didn't know that they were listed in a Scientology publication. Warning: Many sites of individual scientologists contain "poetry", usually of poor quality (scientologists are prohibited to criticize each other, this is called "invalidation" and is a big no-no).

Disclaimer for companies: Except where mentioned, I do not make a statement about the products or services these companies or organizations sell; but I have evidence suggesting that they are owned or managed by Scientologists. This might be disputed by them in a court, claiming they didn't know that they were listed in a Scientology publication. I do not allege that these are owned by Scientology or are Scientology front-groups, or that they are selling Scientology under another name, or that they are forcing their employees to take Scientology courses, or that they defraud their customers. It is quite possible that there are a few people who remain honest, even after 20 years in scientology.

Scientology and related organizations

There was a time when Scientology had no web pages at all, only critics had them. Everyone made fun of them. OSA boy Andrew Milne said "It's not our highest priority", and the only page was Leisa Goodman's page. But now, they have cluttered the web with an incredible number of web hosts to increase the probability of individual pages to be listed.

Individuals listed as Scientologists

Scientology-based schools and tutoring groups
Charlie's geheime Firmenliste
WISE 1999 and 2001 Directory
WISE 2001 Directory
WISE 2004 Directory

A few companies and organizations owned or managed by people listed as Scientologists

ED 1040 INT:


1. Take a business that is already doing fairly well 
on the basis that you reward the up-stat. 

2. Approach the highest executive and disseminate Scientology
to him. Offer to make his business make more money for him
at no cost to him. Your two demands:

(a) Total Control of the business during the time you're
operating within the organization. 

(b) 50 per cent of the additional profit your actions
will produce. 

3. Next action is to put in Ethics. Locate the SP's in the org
and fire them.


(There is more. See in the Foster Report for the full text)

Johan Wevers maintains a list of Scientology related organizations / companies in The Netherlands

Mike Gormez has a list of articles about Scientology recruitment at the workplace and runs Stop-WISE.biz

Mike Krotz maintains a list of private investigators for Scientology

Article: Managing to recruit: religious conversion in the workplace

Miscellaneous support for Scientology

Here a few links that are hard to classify, but should be watched regularly. Not contained here are the clueless politicians.

Helpful pages for the web sleuth

Here a few links that can help you in the search for Scientologists on the web. Note that these are not links to Scientologists, only help to find potential ones. The success rate is only about 5 – 10%.

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