The Mozilla Museum

Note: this site hasn't really been worked on after 2000. Netscape is history, but I will always remember it as a pioneer in browsing.

Welcome to the Mozilla Museum (or the Mozilla zoo, if you prefer). It is a collection of pictures of Mozilla painted by Vincent van Mozh. Mozilla was the mascot of the Netscape company in the early days; he gradually went away, because he was scared of the pinstriped suits.

Legal note: Netscape does not condemn or approve these pages, but those pictures are probably copyrighted by them. "Mozilla" is a trademark of Netscape Communications Corporation.

[Mozilla in Flight Jacket]Visit these pages to know more about Mozilla's lifestyle:
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My Opinions on some browsers

[Animation: Mozilla destroys Internet Exploder]I tested Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 years ago after Compuserve sneaked it on my computer against my will (CompuServe included a time-bomb called RPAWINET.DLL that resulted in several lost days of work months later). It looks very "trendy" – evidence that Microsoft has once again used the advantage of their inhouse operating system development to produce these color-changing buttons. This is unfair to the competition. But the real reason that I do not use MSIE is that it does not provide the CTRL-TAB method for quick switches between pages – and I switch a lot. Sometimes when researching I have 20 – 30 pages up at the same time. One positive feature of IE 3.0 is that the "Copy" function works much better than with Mozilla. I have used IE 4 and 5 too.

I tested Communicator 4.x. It looks "cool" but I have reluctantly installed it only after having switched to a new computer. I miss two important features that were in the previous version: 1. to send a HTML file as text (important if you send newspaper articles to people without browser), 2. to switch with CTRL-TAB (doesn't work in the composer window). Netscape responded to me about (2), they say it is a feature and will keep it, and that CTRL-TAB is used to insert a TAB into a table cell.

I tested and bought Opera 4. It is very fast, uses less space and offers only what you really need. I tested it and I liked it, but I'm staying with Mozilla as I need some of its "power features" like the web editor. What I liked most is the CTRL-SHIFT-Click feature, this makes it easy to download lots of pages in the background, which I use then reading newspapers on the web. I disliked:

I have also tested Opera 5 and 6. Both seem to use a very high amount of resources, and CTRL-TAB no longer works so easily like it did before. Because of that, I no longer use Opera on a regular basis.

Here are pages with lots of images that will crash Mozilla in low memory conditions, or will beat the hell out of your internet connection. Set "Options", "Connections", "Number of connections" to a high number, like 20.


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