From: Zenon Panoussis Newsgroups: alt.society.civil-liberty,,,,soc.culture.nordic,,alt.religion.scientologySubject: Disemination: previous message incompleteDate: Sun, 08 Sep 1996 21:37:29 +0200Message-ID: <>References: <>CC:,, oracle@dodo.pp.seCC: Kobrin & MagnussonI have received a lot of mail asking me for the OTs and NOTs, but also for information about my case and other documents in it. I am at present under a court order not to distribute the OTs and NOTs and I am at present complying with that order. So until such time that the court order is lifted or I decide to violate it, I will not be mailing the "offending" material.For the time being have others taken over my task of mailing the OTs and NOTs. I cannot redirect requests to these persons, nor direct them to those making the requests without violating the court orders. I am convinced though that the persons in question read ars and will mail the material you request if you ask for it in ars. I guess you would ease their job by putting "I want OT" or "I want NOT" in the subject line.As for the court case, the entire file is public. Copies can be easily requested from the court. A simple informal letter to the court and a way to pay the cost is all what's needed. Here's a sample letter:-------------------------------------------------------------------                                       Stockholms tingsrätt                                       Box 8307                                    SE-104 20 Stockholm                                       Sweden_Request of copy of a public document._Please send me one copy of file attachment(s) nr nn in case T 7-866-96.I understand that my request comprises nnn pages at a cost of SEK nnn plus postage SEK nn. I enclose (cheque for/cash for/proof of bank transfer of) this sum.Yours sincerelyPlace, datesignatureName SurnameStreet, #City, ZIP, Country -------------------------------------------------------------------------The file comprises the following documents:  file    document                  language   nr of  att nr                                        pages    1     the lawsuit                  SWE       14    2     power of attorney             ?         ?    3     collateral & registration          proof for the attorneys      SWE        4    4     copy og my posting 24/8      ENG        2    5     transfer of rights from          Hubbard to RTC               ENG       24    6     US copyright office           registration OT II           ENG        6    7     US copyright office           registration OT III          ENG        6    8     US copyright office           registration NOTS            ENG       10    9     preliminary injunction          1 Apr 1996 RTC v Ward        ENG        9   10     order 22 Sep 1995 in          RTC v Netcom & Klemesrud     ENG       49   11     order 19 Jan 1996 in          RTC v Lerma                  ENG        1   12     preliminary injunction          12 Apr 1996 in RTC v Henson  ENG        8   13     decision 22 Aug 1996 in          RTC et al v Helsingius       ENG*       8   14     ruling 12 Mar 1996 in          RTC et al v Spaink et al     ENG*       9   15     my first message to           the 'ho                      ENG        1   16     the index page of my           FA site                      ENG        3   17     e-mail the 'ho -> me         ENG        2   18     e-mail me -> the 'ho         ENG        3   19     my posting in ars           20 Aug 1996                  ENG        4   20     e-mail me -> the 'ho         ENG        3   21     ?                             ?         ?   22     Swedish supreme court           ruling in           prosecutor v Richt           SWE        7   23     copyright comparison          OTs and NOTs. Illegible,           all bearing words covered    ENG       78   24     declaration by McShame (p 1)          certificate of Library of           Congress (p 2), stripe           covered NOTs (pp 3-150,           illegible), public notary           certificate (p 151), new           declaration by McShame           (p 152)                      ENG      152   25     declaration by McShame,           same as in att 24 p 152      ENG        1   26     bad argument by RTC          SWE        1   27     my ars posting 1 Sep 1996    ENG        1   28     preliminary decision           on seizure and restraining           order                        SWE        3   29     my answer to the above       SWE        1   30     two randomly chosen texts          from the OTs and NOTs        ENG       12   31     communication of lawsuit     SWE        4 (incl form Dv 805)   32     ?                            ?          ?   33     motion on secrecy by RTC     SWE        4   34     motions on further interim          measures by RTC              SWE        4   35     my ars posting 4 Sep 1996    ENG        2   36     my preliminary reply to           the lawsuit                  SWE        2   37     OT II, OT III & the NOTs          in extenso                   ENG      224   38     my reply to att 33           SWE        7   39     my reply to att 34           SWE        3   40     decision rejecting motions          in att 33-34                 SWE        ? ENG* indicates that the document is a translation to English.The constitunal right to copies of public documents covers only Swedish citizens (irrespective of residence). Through law and treaties it is also applicable to foreign citizens in Sweden, EU citizens of any residence and EU residents of any citizenship. Denying the same right to others would constitute discrimination, so you should be able to count solidly on the court honouring your request no matter where it comes from.The primary court's decision to deny secrecy for the OTs and NOTs is valid even if it should be appealed against, until the court of appeals rules otherwise. It is also possible to request less than one whole file attachment. You must then specify which pages you want and adjust the sum you send. The court makes a charge for copies and postage.The copy cost is calculated this way: 1-9 pages: free                                       10 pages: SEK 40                               additional pages: SEK 2 eachIn addition you have to pay the postage, even for free copies. That's a bit harder to calculate. Copies are made on 80 gram A4 paper, which means that each page weighs 5,04 g. Multiply the number of pages you want by 5,04, add some 7-30 grams for envelope depending on the size of your order and go into the table below.Air mail to:   Sweden    Baltic & Nordic    Rest of    Rest of                             countries       Europe    the world     weight      SEK           SEK           SEK        SEK     0-20 g       4              5             6          8    21-50 g       8             12            13         14   51-100 g       8             14            16         20  101-250 g      14             22            28         40  251-500 g      22             35            52         70 501-1000 g      30             70           100        1301001-2000 g                    110           160        210For example the whole OTs and NOTs comprise 224 pages weighing approximately 1150 g with envelope. Note that it is cheaper to have them mailed in two letters of 1000 g + 150 g than to get them in one single letter. If you want to make this saving, point it out in your request to the court. And send a big question mark to the Swedish mail.Do not send non-Swedish cash to the court; it will mess up their accountancy, create a terrible amount of extra work and they'll hate you for it. Buy Swedish cash at your nearest bank or send Swedish crowns by money order and the like. Banker's cheques are expensive to cash and non-Swedish personal cheques cannot be cashed at all. Swedish cash exists in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 SEK. If you send a money order, make sure that you specify no cashing cost for the beneficiary.If you have a European giro account, Eurogiro is probably the best way to pay. Calculate as above, make out the payment in SEK and add SEK 40 for the giro fee at the receiving end. The court has giro account (can't find it on a Sunday, will post it later in ars).Finally, for your information, you will find a table of exchange at