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Subject: LYON TRIAL French press report 30/9 [Xenu]
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 22:38:53 +0100
[Summary/piecemeal translation of article of the day in connection with
the tril in Lyon of 23 clams. From Liberation, liberal/leftish French
French original in single quotes. Comments/unclear points in square
brackets. Apologies for my French, gotta get a dictionary one of these

   La Scientologie devant les juges
   'Scientologists before the judges'
   Bernard Fromentin

   Liberation 30/9 -96, page 16
   Copyright 1996 Liberation

[Picture from demo of 200 clams in Lyon on 23 july 1990. Frantic female
clam holding sign declaring '.. - the spiritual response to the


"The church of scientology is gambling its future in France on the trial
in Lyon" states Daniele Gounord, national spokesperson who appears in
support of 23 scientologists accused. The president of Scientology in
Lyon, Jean-Jacques Mazier is to be tried for 'd'atteinte involontaire de
la vie' [manslaughter, probably] after the suicide of a one of his newly
adherents ['adeptes'].

According to the results of the five-year investigation by judge Fenech,
the accused are tried for fraud, attempted and accomplish to and breach of
confidence. "The sect exploits prosaicaly for profit the good faith and
credulity of its victims by pseudo-sceintific  and para-medical means to
the detriment of their financial interests ['interets patrimoniaux']
exposing them to certain medical-psychological risks" concludes the
investigation ['requisitoire de renvoi']. 60 witnesses from France,
Luxembourg and Denmark, examination of 15 bankaccounts in France and
abroad will permit a dissection of the financial methods of the

The trial would not have taken place without the insistence ['volontee']
of Nelly Vic who witnessed the suicide of her husband Patrice on 24th of
March 1988. At the time, their children were three and eight years old.
[Discussion of Patrice Vic's involvement - same as in article from
L'Express posted earlier.] On the 28th of March, accompagnied by
Jean-Jacques Mazier, he informed his wife that he'd decided to borrow
30000 FFR for the second stage of his induction into Scientology, a
'purification cure.' Six hours later, he entered his childrens' bedroom,
opened the window and leapt to his death. The day after, Nelly Vic filed
charges.The responsible of the church of Scientology answer also to charges of
another current practice: charging of endebted adherents ['l'embauche
d'adeptes surendettes'] and turning the money over to a bankaccount in
Copenhagen. In this domain, establishment of the fact will permit a
qualification of the "methods" where the real goal seems to "exclusively a
commercial benefit" underlines the prosecution.

The leaders of the sect understands full well that this approach to their
activities could contribute to a demystification of an activity which they
claim to be "religious" and "humanist." In Lyon, a pape printed in 100000
copies indicates their defence strategy:the sect wishes to present
themselves as a "minority religion," victim of attempted persecution by
the French state.



This article leaves the reader in no doubt of the sympathies of the
journalist ;-) Liberation is always like that ...

The story of Patrice Vic is certainly very sad: his whole life became
introverted, he dumped friends, job and family ties and finally leapt to
his death on failure to find money for a purif rundown.

There is no discussion of the *failure* of Patrice Vic to find the money
for the purif rundown. In the AP article quoted on a.r.s. earlier, it was
stated that he failed to borrow the money from his wife - nothing is said
about that in this article.

The very strong emphasis in the investigation on the money angle ought to
be hugely effective in the trial.

On the other hand, the idea of a "minority religion" which is being
persecuted by the state may be a good defence - the government/justice
system has been cracking down on minorities quite heavily. The French
state is *very* secular (the president did not go to the mass held by the
Pope during the recent visit) but the justice department has muddled the
issues a little; head scarves for girls - desired by islamic parents -
have been made illegal, opening the state to accusations of

Until more news (tomorrow, I fear ;-( )


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Subject: LYON TRIAL French press report 1/10 [Xenu]
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 1996 15:04:12 +0100

[Summary/piecemeal translation of article of the day in connection with
the trial in Lyon of 23 clams. From Liberation, liberal/leftish French
French original in single quotes. Comments/unclear points in square
brackets. Apologies for my French, gotta get a dictionary one of these

   La Scientologie se defend au tribunal
   'Scientology defends itself in court'
   Bernard Fromentin

   Liberation 1/10 -96, page 13
   Copyright 1996 Liberation

[picture from inside Lyon org. Man reading e-meter, woman staring into
space. In the caption, e-meter is written "electrometer" (qoutes included
;-) ) ]


The constant smile of Jean-Jacques Mazier, giving testimony about the
suicide of an adherent of the church of scientology marked the first day
of the trial in Lyon where 23 scientologists are tried. The 53 years old
man is in every way the expected image of a high-ranking official of the
sect. In the stand, the former leader of the Lyon org comes across as a
softspoken man who frequenctly interrupts his speach with hand/arm

"I'm a church man" he says. Like all senior staff of this organsition
which was classified in a parlamentary report as a sect, he came to
scientology by "reading a book written by Lafayette Ron Hubbard presenting
Dianetics." That was in 1984. He "wanted to know more", passed
"personality tests" and passed on to supervised auditing sessions.

He professes to "having been surprised" by the comments of scientologists
who proceeded to "help him discover his various previous lives." These
"revelations" permitted him to "be aware of his spiritual lives." He
passed successfuly the various suggested courses and was named head of the
first scientology mission in Lyon. He worked another two years to attein
the state of "clear." He explained to the judge what was meant by this.

After his selfportrait, he was less eloquent. To questions about the last
hours of Patrice Vic, a new adherent who had committed suicide at a
crucial stage of his "progression," he answered evasively. He "doesn't
remember having audited this new adherent" and doesn't remember to have
adviced Patrice Vic to take a loan to progress to the "purification cure."
He concedes to "have presented aspects ['tout l'interets'] of the
purification procedure." For the rest, the president of the church of
scientology [unclear whether this indicates Mazier - could well be;
"president" is a general term indicating he's a chief..] called on
Ghislaine Huet, a scientology colleague who "knew Mr Vic". She remembers
only that he had refused to enter his course with the pretext that "he had
drunk alcohol that day." These two testimonies were contradicted by Nelly
Vic, the wife of Patrice. In the stand, she told in the same words she had
used six years earlier [refers to comments from yesterday's article which
mentions an article in 'Liberation Lyon' from 1990] about the last
desperate hours of her husband who had screamed ['lachee'] "don't hold me
back, it's the only solution" before defenestrating himself in 1988. These
testimonies have confirmed the will of the scientologists to present
themselves as men and women with "a mission to accomplish" and not crooks.

Earlier, the defense layqers, Olivier Metzner and Yves Leborgne, had
attempted to reopen the investigation, trying to demonstrate that "it had
been long, but incomplete." The response of Thierry Richard ['procureur
adjoint'] was brief but to the point. He denounced in his filing of
conclusions "a last attempt to block ['repousser'] the trial." At the end
of the day, the court presided over by Patrick Lifscutz had "presented the
incident in detail ['joint l'incident au fond']" which will permit the
case to enter the core of the matter.


   Une "eglise" aux lois mercantile fondee par un PDG-gourou
   'A "church" with mercatile laws founded by a director-guru'
   Francois Devinat

   Liberation 1/10 -96, page 13
   Copyright 1996 Liberation

[Profile of co$]


"If you want to make money, found a religion!" These words, preached by
the "pope" of scientology, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, have the merrit of
honesty. The belief of scientology is that all religious work should be
paid. In its way, the history of the "church" of scientology which claims
to work "for a world without madness, without crime and without war," is a
formidable success story ['success story'] which turned the creation of a
science fiction author into a fearsome ['redoutable'] well of cult money.

[Bio of LRH, not very flattering ;-) Story of 'Dianetics' and the change
into a "church" of scientology in order to hide from the attention of the
US medical and tax authorities. This did not keep LRH and his staff from
hacing to hide out in international waters on a fleet of ships - thereby
also avoiding the interests of Interpol and the FBI. The paranoid and
schizoprenic - according to his own son Ron de Wolf - Hubbard died on the
24th of Jan 1986 of a stroke, sitting on a mountain of 100s of millions of

[Description of the "doctrine" of the co$. Describes only the
previous-lives shtick and going "clear" - this journalist needs to know
about the Marcabs and the thetans ;-).]

[Description of the organisation. Extremely hierachical, lead by a clique
which lives in Los Angeles. The Hubbardian empire is ruled by telexes
which describe good and bad points as functions of profit. Scientology
also has considerable influence in spheres of education, arts, human
rights defense, the fight against drugs and in management technology. The
organisation also expertly discredits its enemies with campaigns of
intimidation and defamation "black PR"]

Adherents. They are between six and seven millions in the world, several
thousands in France. They are recruited mainly from the middle classes,
comfortably off, from which the "church" can count on media recruits of
choice: John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Julia Migenes-Johnson [your guess is as
good as mine ;-)].... The "clients" fo scientology are seduced by a
doctrine, popular these days, which subtlely mixes spiritual techniquesand psycotherapy.


Comments: Not much meat on the first day of the trial... The bio of the co$ was
clearly written as a "don't try this at home" information piece.

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Subject: LYON TRIAL French Press report 3/10
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 10:58:08 +0100

[Summary/piecemeal translation of article of the day in connection with
the trial in Lyon of 23 clams. From Liberation, liberal/leftish French
French original in single quotes. Comments/unclear points in square
brackets. Apologies for my French, gotta get a dictionary one of these

For 'sect' you may want to read 'cult'. Copyrights stated as being
Liberation, by default (i.e. there are n explicit copyright notices with
the articles]

Three artiles today. One full page and a fron-page teaser (yeah!)

   La Scientologie a coutee 1 million a Marie-Therese
   'Scintology cost Marie-Theres 1 million'
   Bernard Fromentien

   Liberation, 3/10 -96, page 16
   Copyright 1996 Liberation


It's written on the badge that the scientologists wear, the're "happy."
Tuesday, 23 adherents (the accused, we assume..) told the court how happy
they were. [..] Yesterday, former adherents, the civil parties in the
case, told of the difficulties involved in leaving, and the dangers ['etre
perilleux d'essayer d'en sortir'].

Marie-Therese Mallard was grave at the stand. Today retired, she had been
looking for work for a few years. She replied to an ad to become
"professional auditor." After a personality test which indicated that she
was "unstable", she continued - out of intellectual curiosity - with comms
courses and professional training.  "The harassement was constant," she
said. "They had understood that I was weakened by my desire to find
work[..]" After a few months of auditing, she was told that she was ready
for a purification cure. She advanced 11500 FFR for this. In january -91,
her account at scientology was at 42500 FFR. They made her go to the
european headquarters in Copenhagen. While there, she learned that her
father was dying. They refused to let her go back to him. "They started to
look on me as non-conformant." She was then sent to "Flag" in Los Angeles.
The costs here were 60000 FFR. The heritage from her father permitted her
to pay this. In total, scientology cost her 1 million francs. In spite of
the harassements, she decided to split from scientology on her return to
France, "to tell the world about the sect behind the front of
scientology." A conclusion confirmed yesterday by father ['le pere' -
don't know] Louis-Michel Brolles who during 11 years invested 500000 FFR
before renouncing [the church]. He left feeling "used". Like Mohamed Onis,
who would "enter into a state of questioning ['entrer dans un etat de
demande' ??] in order to be appreciated and recognised." He finished by
having to chose "between his parents and the sect."

After these testimonies, the case wil pursue testminoies from experts,
like Jean-Marie Abgrall, psycatrist, on the sect phenomenen. And it will
finally leave the "neolangauge" of scientology and enter into examination
of facts.


   Pendant les debats, la propaganda continue
   'During the debates, the propaganda continues'
   Daniel Licht

   Liberation 3/10 -96, page 16
   Copyright 1996 Liberation


The scientologists in Lyoin speak with only one voice, that of Marc
Bromberg, highly placed responsible of the sect in Paris.
[discussion of howtrhe clams find the media attention excessive, the trial
is a witch-hunt, etc etc etc. In all religions there are "apostates" and
so on and so forth.]

The Sept 30 issue of 'Ethique et Liberte' [Freedom, we presume], they
smear an expert witness in the case. They liken the testimony of
Jean-Marie Abgrall with having Hitler testify on the nature of jews.

Declaring themselves the victims of a new type of inquisition, they don't
have a taste for martyrdom. "We'll not let them do that."

The senior staff claims that the case has been good PR for them. They've
had several curious visitors to teh Dianetics centre in Lyon.

[Discussion of the Lyon org. One member organised weekly karaoke nights in
a nearby cafe. The owner of the cafe didn't know about the scientology
affiliation of the organiser before the trial publicity, but declared
himself satisfied with the nights.] Numerous leaflets warning about the
dangers of psychology has been ahnded out outside the entrance to a mental

Marc Bromberg also explains the dead-agenting ['propaganda noire']. "When
we learn that someone who sets themselves up as models of virtue have
acted in a condemnable manner, we say, it's a good war." A few months ago,
docteur Abgrall, their 'bete noire' [black beast] was trapped by a false
television crew sent by scientology.


   Un gros business
   'A big business'

   Liberation 3/10 -96, page 16
   Copyright 1996 Liberation


oScientology claims 6 to 7 millions members, thereof 40000 in France.
[discussion f church history, of change from dianetics to church of
scientology  , or orgnisation structure. The old Paris org was liquidated
after owing 48 millions FFR to various authorities.]

In spite of all its legal troubles, the church remains a peerless business
with an estimated turnover of 150 million dollars.


Comments; A bit low on details, AGAIN. Steadily increasing exposure in the
paper, though. I'll be glad to hear a from the expert (perhaps on the
dead-agenting and fair gaming of the expert witness...).


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Subject: LYON TRIAL French press report 4/10 [Xenu]
Date: Sat, 05 Oct 1996 14:18:50 +0100

[Summary/piecemeal translation of article of the day in connection with
the trial in Lyon of 23 clams. From Liberation, liberal/leftish French
French original in single quotes. Comments/unclear points in square
brackets. Apologies for my French, gotta get a dictionary one of these

For 'sect' you may want to read 'cult'. Copyrights stated as being
Liberation, by default (i.e. there are n explicit copyright notices with
the articles]

Three articles today. One full page.

   "Choisir entre sa famille et la scientologie"
   '"Chose between their family and scientology"'
   Bernard Fromentien

   Liberation, 4/10 -96, page 16
   Copyright 1996 Liberation


On the fourth day of the trial of the church of scientology in Lyon,
experts and testimonies by the civil parties in the case attempted to
clarify the methods, the finances and the objectives of the church of

Psychiatric expert Jean-Marie Abgrall has attentively read the texts of
the founders of the organisation. His speech was also supported by the
reading of 107 individual files retrieved from the org in Lyon. He states
that the primary strength of the sect resides in the capacity to impose
postulates. The method, borrowed from marketing, attempts to repair
rapidly the unease of the individual, to bestow guilt on him through a
series of harassements and blackmail.

Thusly, states Jean-Marie Abrall, the young adherent Patrice Vic who was
preparing himself for a purification cure, found himself "faced with an
impossible choice: his family or scientology." His suicide, according to
Dr Bgrall, was inevitable ['ineluctable' ?]. He attributes the problems of
kidney, hepatitis and brain of the adherent to a taking of vitamins in
high doses. "The disciple poisons himself with his own waste products, his
liver and kidney stop working," in the opinion of the expert. According to
him, the result is a phenomenen of non-corporality ['phenomene de
decorporation']. According to testimonies he has studied, "the adherent
sees himself sometimes in the form of a snail. He talks to plants. He is
told that he should go back in time, to 108 millions years BC. He finds
himself as an Egyptian mummy or as a sage in Tibet."

More prosaically, the investigations into companies to find the financial

paths of the organisation have attempted to discover how money is moved in
it. Mohammed Ounis, former adherent, entered in 1989 in the function of
treasurer in the origanisation, armed with a business degree in accounting
['BTS de comptabilite']. "Beware, it is not at all the same kind of
accounting as the one I was taought in school," he warned.

Commisioner Etienne Mozul, member of the financial brigade ['brigade
financiere'], expanded on the findings of an investigation based on 458
hearings ['proces verbaux']. He values at 15.9 millions FFR the sums which
were moved during 1988 and 1988 between France and Copenhagen, partly
cheques or money orders financing the training ['prestations de
formation'] of the mother organisation. The collection of 5 to 15% from
the orgs to the "centre" was steered to the US. The responsibles
encountered "were silent ['tombent de nues'], gave answers which were
fluffy ['floues'] or incoherent to the first precise question" commisioner
Mozul concludes. He reveals that he was limited in his investigation by
lack of disclosure ['find de non-recevoir'] by various nack establishments
i France, the US or the UK.

It is , in contrast, "respect for laws" which animates the Association for
defense of the family and the Individual ['Association de defense de la
famille et de l'indivu' - ADFI]. Often cited in the trial by the adherents
which they have helped in their dissidence, ADFI wishes first of all to
fight against sects "with information" states the president opf the Lyon
branch, Yvette Genosy. 68 years of age, she has fought for 32 years "to
inform ['faire savoir'] that scientology is neither a psychotherapi method
nor a religion."

Also called to the stand, Serge Faubert journalist from "L'Evenement de
Jeudi" author of "Une secte au coeur de la Repuplique" ["A cult in the
hear of the Republic"] works to demonstrate that "the running
['gestition'] of the church of scientology is controled from the United
States by its hard core, OSA, or office of special affairs." According to
him "the rest is just window-dressing ['une vitrine']." Today, witnesses
called by the defense will attempt to explain otherwise.


   'Un homme eglise, chasseur de sectes'
   A man of the church, cult-chaser
   Francois Devinat

   Liberation, 4/10 -96, page 16
   Copyright 1996 Liberation

[picture of father Trouslard]


The man isn't born who could put father Trouslard at unease with his
conscience because he fights sects from the cover of the catholic church.
After an ironic statement that the catholic church was a "a sect which had
made it," the priest who will appear as a witness  in the trial of
scientologists in Lyon jokes "the first christians never formed a sect in
the perjatory sense of today. They were thrown to the lions first."

[Long discussion of the ongoing battle of father Trouslard. Since he
started going after all parareligious movements, he has collected
death-threats. He wa sordained priest in 1948 at the age of 24 years.
After working against poverty, he gained an interest in sect movements in
1982. A group of christian scholars around Laon lived a collective
delusion under the cover of a paranoid curate. He visited 250 families,
collected 70 kg of documentaion.]

This first involvement allowed father Trouslard to esstablish a three
stage strategy 1) collect evidence 2) push the "guru" of the sect by
filing legal complaints denouncing his practices 3) confront vividly the
lies in a public process.

[Discussion of his struggle against 'Invitation a la Vie' - IVI
[Invitation to Life]; against Abby Georges de Nantes who predicted his

Father Trouslard counters the accusation that his struggle aginst
believers isn't christian with the statement "Who hurts man, hurts God."
He is untouchable in the catholic hierachy due to his network of friends
and the shield of his media attention ['boucle de sa mediatisation']. This
freedom has permitted him to draw attention to certain practices of Opus
Dei, a "holy mafia" supported by pope John-Paul II. "Sects take on a
religious mask. Their strategy towards a recruit can be summed up in three
words: seduction, destruction and reconstruction. I'm simply fighting to
free the captives of an intellectual, moral and financial fraud." Tough
fight against the dragon of false messiahs by a Saint George armed with a
telephone in a crumbling office the size of a chambermaid's? This tranquil
obstinate believes never to confuse "apostat" with crusading against


   'Excommunie par un ministre'
   Excommunicated by a minister

   Liberation, 4/10 -96, page 16
   Copyright 1996 Liberation


[Discussion of the case of a movement 'L'Office culturel de Cluny' - OCC
[The Cluny Cultural Office] a catholic group which is being denounced by
Guy Drut, minister of youth and sport. OCC was formed in 1963 in the Cafe
Cluny (that's one of the locals in my neighbourhood!). Although classified
as a sect in the parliamentary report of earlier this year, the movement
has support from a number of catholic bishops and disapproval of others.
According to father Trouslard, the movement have sectarian characteristics
in the psychological destruction of its members who live a mystic


Comments: nice flowery prose in the piece about father Trouslard ;-)

The testimonies of by Dr Abgrall focus on the destructive effect, mentally
and  physically, of the purif rundown. Cobined with the exorbitant prices
charged for this treatment, this should catch the attention of the cort...