Subject: Thanks for Actions Against CAN
From: "lah"
Date: 1996/12/21
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Here's a round of applause to the Church of Scientology for their
courageous action against the Cult Awareness Network.

From our point of view, no group was as "off" in their judgment of
others as was CAN. No group was as out of place in their
condemnation of the innocent as was CAN.

They accused our group of "cult activities" promoting all sort of
lies about us. When we asked to speak with them to correct some of
their false accusations, they refused to listen. Their only desire
was to see our financial records and ironically, we really have no
finances to speak of at all. They exerted no effort to determine
the facts even when those who could most accurately provide those
facts were literally at their doorstep.

We hope you will continue to advertise on behalf of freedom of
thinking for all.

History proves that nearly every conceptual milestone now considered
"good" was at one time considered a "cult." In the early/inception
stages of any significantly updated thinking, it seems that some
embodiment of narrow- minded opposition takes it upon themselves to
threaten its right to exist.

So thanks again from all of us determined to continue the search for
Truth through alternate paths. And thanks from those who support
the right of others to do so as well.

In Service to the Next Level,

The so-called "UFO Cult"