Here are some of the comments that I have received concerning my web site:

March 1997: "I have been vaguely aware of scientology for some time, but your site is a wealth of new information, and I thank you for it.

March 1997: "How do I get out of Scientology? I recently gave them $4000 which they bait and switched me on to apply to a life repair program." Any suggestions???

March 1997: "Hello,
I am a Scientologist and having come across your web site I thought I would invite you to read the Scientology Web site for yourself. If you can indeed find any signs of "fascism" or anything else that shouldn't be I would be quite surprised.
I'm sorry about what ever caused you to seek harm to others looking to recieve the actual miracles occurring daily that Scientology does deliver.
I have been personally aided substantially through my studies and auditing.
I am a very respected member in the Healing Arts as a Chiropractor and have nothing against you communicating, I only hope you can look for yourself in a new unit of time and see that, what you are attacking, means you no harm. Only those who seek to have Scientology's rights violated does the legal aspect of the C.O.S. ever deal with.
I am quite sure you will be treated to a few SURPRISES if you take my invitation and read,"Scientology, How Religious Experts View Scientology",at WWW.scientology.wis/wiseng/30/30-expert.htm!
Your friend is a lot better off than you think and if having friends and family is as important to you as you mentioned , You owe it to yourself and your friend to read on. "

March 1997: "what are you so afraid of? the only goal of scientology is to help people gain personal freedom from antisocial personalities such as yourself. If you realy understood any of the principles of scientology you would not be so down on the organization, or perhaps you do understand and are trying to keep people from bettering themselves so that people like you can remain supressive."