Los Angeles: Scientology and Scientologists

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The friendly and the not-so-friendly staff

LAPD Chaplain and OSA agent Glenn Barton
(had threatened to arrest us all)

Luis Gonzales, presenting us the permit to close the street,
signed by Los Angeles coke-head and councilman Richard Alatorre

(Copyright Grady Ward, used with permission)

This very nicely dressed girl was often 
running errands on L. Ron Hubbard way. Who is she?

(Copyright Grady Ward, used with permission)

Glenn Barton again. Notice the mysterious guy on the left:
he often came out of the building, stared to the other side 
for five minutes, and went back in. Who is he?

(Copyright Grady Ward, used with permission)

Lonely doorboy of the Celebrity Center,
reading the latest propaganda

Scientology bicycle guard
(Copyright Grady Ward, used with permission)

I have been told that his name is Roy Rodriguez, and that he is known to be very nice and friendly to everyone, and rescued an invalid neighbor lady from her house as it was burning down. He was also helpful to me in the incident with the bird lady. However, in 1984, he was arrested in Clearwater after he chased and handcuffed a former Scientologist.

The bird lady  The bird lady  The bird lady
(Copyright Jeff Jacobsen, used with permission)

Some renovation and clean-up needed

Windows on the side of "Lebanon Hall" (Copyright Grady Ward, used with permission)

Parking for Scientologist staff members ("cat lot"), also used as a waste dump. The blue and light blue van to the
right of the fork lift is a "Food Van".
(both photographs copyright Grady Ward, used with permission)

A trip to Hemet

Scientology cardboard "Castle" near Hemet

Scientology "church" behind razor wire, near Hemet

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