Pictures of the Leipzig Award 2002

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The award by Leipzig Artist Rüdiger Bartels

Gerry Armstrong and Caroline Letkeman

Opening of the ceremony by Solveig Prass

Reading of the basic charter text of the award committee in 7 languages

Alain Vivien, Patricia Vivien, Dr. Günther Beckstein, Rev. Thomas Gandow

Dr. Günther Beckstein speaking the laudatio

Dr. Günther Beckstein speaking the laudatio

Ursula Caberta and Claire Champollion reading the award proclamation

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Alain Vivien receiving the award from the hands of Dr. Günther Beckstein

Speech by Günther Beckstein, with translator

Alain Vivien

The guests listen to "La Marseillaise", the french national anthem

Everybody sings "We shall overcome"

The seats of Bob and Stacy were empty

The artist Rüdiger Bartels

The barrel room in Auerbach's Keller

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