[ ScienoSitter ]

Translation was done by Andreas Heldal-Lund.


The Scientologists are these days asking members to log onto Internet. With the help of their new CD they are helped to quote L. Ron Hubbard, and spread the message with their own web pages. The launch of the CD is part of the project 'Scientologist On-Line", which has the purpose to gather all the Scientologists on the net. But if the members want to read the SOL pages [this webzine], log onto Operation Clambake or visit alt.religion.scientology, they will have to give up. The critics have now revealed that the project is far more complex than first assumed. Th CD also includes a censor program, referred to by the critics as 'Scenio Sitter'.

[a couple of paragraphs on censorware and the debate it has resulted in, content on the SS CD, quotes from the SS agreement, Operation Clambake, me, Helena Kobrin, the Norwegian cult lawyers, the threats against me and Norwegian ISP's, the debate followed that in Norway, and concludes that the reason why the biggest ISP in Norway is in the SS list of censored www addresses, probably is because they refused to bend over when the cult went crazy with all their threats.]

[a chapter about the history of the cult and Hubbard. The famous quote on how to make money, how they pick up innocent people for personality tests, ending with an introduction to thetans and a long quote my Norwegian translation of OT III]

[last paragraph:]
Through the CD launched by Scientology their members can now enter cyberspace. But this is Scientology's small cyberspace, and if they try to search for the former Emperor 'Xenu' only a blank page will appear. The Scientologists may never have been closer to the truth about Xenu..."

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