This is taken from the Roll Call Newspaper - April 18, 1994

On the bottom of the full page it it says that the ad is a paid message from the Church of Scientology International from a grant from the International Association of Scientologists. It's purpose is to focus attention on the alarming resurgence of violence in Germany.


Chancellor Kohl's VOTE FOR BIGOTRY

In September 1935, Adolf Hitler enacted the infamous Nuremberg laws. A member of the Jewish faith could no longer:

In passing these laws the Nazis had given formal legal assent to anti-semitism. They deprived German Jews of their citizenship and civil rights and this robbed them of all protection that the State normally extended to its citizens.

From then on, the Jews were without redress.

The world did little or nothing, lulled by Hitler's assurances that all he sought was the peace and security of Europe.

Today, government-instagated discrimination solely because of one's religious beliefs is again an established fact in Germany.

In December, 1991, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Germany's governing party, did what would be unthinkable in any other democracy.

At its annual party convention in Dresden it resolved that membership in the Church of Scientology was incompatable with membership in he CDU party. And it barred any Scientologist from participation or membership in the party.

The first person banished from the party by this ruling had been the chairman of the CDU in his local town for many years. A dentist by profession, he was an active and respected member of his community. Suddenly, like so many to follow, be became an outcast only on the basis of his religious beliefs.

Chancellor Helmut Kohl, in his capacity as the national leader of the CDU party, personally voted for this outrageous prohibition.

After the war, the United States helped to shape Germany's constitution, modeled after the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, to protect its people and the rest of the world from a repetition of the terrible evetns of 50 years ago. Today, Germany's ruling political forces are arrogantly tearing that constitution to pieces.

Don't stand by and watch history repeat itself.

Write to President Bill Clinton. Urge him to take strong and effective steps to stop hatred and discrimination against religion and ethnic minorities in Germany:

President Bill Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20500 USA

Send copies of your letters to:

Commission of Security and Cooperation in Europe
234 Ford House Office
Building Washington, D.C. 20515 USA

U.S. Representative Tom Lantos
Co-Chairman - Congressional Human Rights Caucus
2183 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515 USA

Dr. Helmut Kohl
Federal Chancellor
Adenauerallee 141
5300 Bonn 1
Federal Republic of Germany


"Hate and Propaganda" - A full and frightening comparative between 1930's Nazi religious presecution and hatred and intolerence in modern-day Germany.

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