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Op Freakout, Main planning document


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                                                 1 April 1976
                      OPERATION FREAKOUT


To get P.C incarcerated in a mental institution or jail, or
at least to hit her so hard that she drops her attacks.


US B1 NE SEC working in liaison with OPS NAT if needed.

To remove PC from her position of Power so that she cannot attack
the the C of S.

US B1 SEC Taking responsibility for the area working in liaison
with OPS NAT.

Ops NAT responsible for the overall planning of this project
working in liaison with NE SEC as needed for completion successfully of this op.

BE SEC and AG I NY organization operating WITH INFO PGMS PUSHING


1) To recruiy an FSM that looks like PC and to train her on this
action.                                                 AG I N.Y.

2) To recruit an observation FSM to make a telephone call. No
special requirements necessary except securiety + NOT PTS. AG I N.Y.

3) To get "Pin Ball" FSMs or T.M. FSM to get familiar with PC
to find out some of her clothes she wears particularly what
sort of coat she usually wears and her general looks, hair etc.
Also above FSM or FSMs will have to meet with PC when the OP goes
down. TM FSM to get a piece of PC's clothing           AG I N.Y.
  if possible.
4) To get a cheap coat that is very similar to PC's.    AG I N.Y.

5) To ascertain what PC looks like now, hair streaked ? still
skinney? etc.                                           AG I N.Y.
6) To locate a laundry/near PC's place and to make sure she
isn't known there.-- (NOTE MUST HAVE CLEAR)             AG I N.Y.

7) To find out what PC is wearing the day of the this action.
And what her hair is like.                                 AG I N.Y.

8) To have someone availible to steak out PC when she leaves
her place the day of the caper, to ascertain when she leaves,
what she's wearing etc.                                    AG I N.Y.

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9) Securiety is IN IN on this project and "Need to know" is
enforced heavily. The only one who needs to know what happening
is the "PC" FSM and she only has to know her part.   AG I N.Y.

10) To have a set of second hand clothes and a proper wig, ( data)
on what to buy obtained from FSM in V.T #3 ) so that when the caper
goes down, PC FSM can instantly get into the proper color or
style of clothes or as close as possible.            AG I N.Y.

11) To train all FSMs thoroughly on each one's actions; and the
timing and coordination of each of these actions.    AG I N.Y.

12) To insure that the chosen laundry is open  during the day of
the caper.                                           AG I N.Y.

13) Obtain all the necessary clothes/ Blue Jeans etc that would
be necessary for the fast change.                    AG I N.Y.

14) Obtain Wig that looks like PC, so that PC FSM can wear it
during caper.                                        AG I N.Y.

15) Brief Pin Ball or TM FSM on that the FBI
or Secret Service will probably talk to them about
P.C. FSM should say his cover and that P.C.
has been seeing Psychs for years and she has memory
losses when on pot or when drunk. Work this
out carefully!                       ________
                                     AG I NY

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                                              OP FREAKOUT



 1) Telephone call PC to ascertain if she is home alone. She
 must be home alone.
                                                      AG I NY

 2) When she has been found alone, telephone ( during the work
 week ) 2 Arab Consulates in NYC, from telephone booth nearest
 PC's place. Telephoner should be a girl that sounds like PC
 and the call should be fast,to the point, and impinge. It should
 go as follows: from a totally trusted non staff member.

 " I just came back from Isreal ( pronounces the way it is pronounced
 in Isreal ) I've seen what you fucking bastards do. At least youre
 not going to kill my sister. I can get away with anything. I'm
 going to bomb you basterds. Say something in Jewish/swear or
 mumble something jewish.
                                                      AG I NY



 1) Obtain a copy of Writer's DIGEST - a writer's magizine -
 ( if not availible get any writer's magizine. )  person who
 obtains this magizine should be disguized in some way and
 not traceible back to the org. Dont order the mag. by mail.
 One should easily be found on the newsstands  or in "back
 issues" stores.
                                                      AG I NY

 2) Obtain the latest promo of the T.M. ( transidental meditation)
 that PC is going to, same securiety as above.
                                                        AG I NY

 3) Cut out"letters"from both of the above publications. Include
 "CAPITOLS". Arrange the letters , pasted, on a clean piece of
 paper ( not Org paper ) If there is a blank page or nearly blank
 page in the writers magizine, use it, crossing out in ballpoint
 anything written on the page. Paste or glue the letters so that
 they say the following:

"All of you are distroying Isreal. You're just like them. My
 sister lived you basterds. I was there - I saw the wonderful
 people. Nobody can touch me. I'm going to kill you basterds
 I am going to bomb you. Kissingger is a traitor.I'll bomb him
 to. It makes me very sick. I must  meditate.  You are spying on
 me even in Isreal. Your day will come soon. I'll expose you "
 and bomb you."

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                             -4-              OP FREAKOUT


3) cont.
Arab                                      NY
Go to\library and type out the na me of the Consulate and address
of the\Nation that is most anti Isreal (attacking it) . (No prints)
Use "Capitols" on the envelope.

4) Place "letter" into the envelope,seal, and mail from the
mail box nearest PC's place.

INSURE SECURIETY / NO PRINTS on any letters, envelope, or paper,
or stamp.

INSURE no paper from AG Office or Org is used.

Entire action should be done out of the Org.

NEED TO KNOW strongly inforced. PR, Communicater Legal should not
know. Max should do this entire action.

If in doubt about "did my prints get on anything" throw everything
away and start fresh.


1) FSM in VT # 3 telephones and makes a definate appointment
with PC. Sometime when the laundry ( in VT # 12 ) is open.
The place should be a restruent or bar/ one of the purposes
of this action is also to get PC drunk.

                                                        AG I NY

2) FSM above xxxxx meets with PC.
                                                        AG I NY

3) Steakout FSM ( see VT #8 ) communicates with Case Officer and
PC Double FSM ( see VT # 1 ) and alert the former what PC has on,
how her hair is arranged, does she have her usual coat on etc.

                                                         AG I NY

4) "PC FSM" changes to the closest clothes they have, matching PCs.
If PC has on Blue Jeans/ change to Blue jeans. If PC has on her
usual coat put that on.( see VT # 3 and 4 ) What ever PC usually
wears  ( a favorite sweater etc) a yellow dress, blue, green etc.
sneakers, a yellow scarf  etc should be had by PC FSM ready to change
into. In  other words several different out-fits should have been
obtained by PC FSM, so that when the caper goes down, she can
immediately change into the color or type of outfit that PC has on.

From the observation of the steakout FSM --- to the change of

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                             -5-                 OP FREAKOUT

PC FSM's clothes, only 3 minutes should have gone  by. If PC
let us say has her hair up, FSM puts her "hair up" very fast
it doesn't have to be a good job/ just so it's "up".

                                                      AG I NY

5) PC FSM goes immediately into the laundry and does the following
caper. (wearing sunglasses) This is done immediately, so that
PC could have done it on her way to meet the FSM or FSMs for
   ( Patter/ PC FSM goes into laundry/. Acts very confused. Says
"I'm P.C. Do I have any clothes here? Clerk says no FSM demands
clerk checks. Clerk comes back. Says no again. FSM screams
You're crazy, my name if PC, check again!  When clerk says no
or whatever he does, FSM goes PTS 3/ You're one of them! I'll
kill you. You're a dirty Arab. You fucking basterds. I'll bomb
you. I'll bomb the Arabs. I'll bomb the President. I'll kill
that traitor Kissingner. You're all against me."

If an Item of PC's clothing was obtained at TM. FSM leaves this
on the counter or drops it on the floor.


6) PC FSM leaves laundry immediately, turns the corner and gets
into "pick up" car. Takes off "PC's coat" Wig or whatever.Cha nges
her looks fast.
7) Mean while,immediately after PC  FSM leaves. laundry/, observation
FSM ( see VT # 2 ) asks laundry clerk if they do Suade cleaning a nd
also says, Boy was she crazy! real casually says I think you should
call the police with all these nuts threatening to kill the president.
FSM leaves. FSM should be disguized and not work on staff.

8) FSM calls from a phone about 5 blocks away, the FBI and says
that she/he doesn't want to get involved and doesn't want to
give her/his name but some nut girl in (the name of laundry)
just went crazy and threatened to  bomb the place and kill the
president. With all these nuts running around thought you should
know. The guy in the laundry heard her too."  HANGS UP. and leaves
immediately and gets out of there. This call/ the FSM's voice
should be disguized. All these type calls are taperecorded.(FSM
should not be told this;just to disguize her voice.

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                            -6-               OP FREAKOUT


CHANNEL 1:  Should be done within 2 days of receiving this project.

CHANNEL 2:  Should be done the day after the above channel is done.

CHANNEL 3:  Should be done within 1 week after the above channel
is done. ( and when other FSMs can get an appointment with PC)

CHANNEL 5  10 days after channel 3 is done. (Conditional