Hard Data on Scientology

The 0% opinion web page. A large portion of the records here are the result of database searches of on-line state public records.

Why them? Just check out alt.religion.scientology and see for yourself. Suffice it to say that some of their practices (such as the copious use of lawsuits, misinformation, and intolerance) annoy me. In the meantime, here's some information about various aspects of the organization.

Any factual errors in here? Just indicate the specific item and document your correction, and I'll either make a change or include your e-mail in my page. I have yet to hear complaints from anyone willing to back themselves up with facts.

Hard Datum #1 : CoS Owes Lots of Money

Hard Datum #2 : CoS Not Expanding

"Minor" details

  • A list of groups supposedly affiliated with CoS.
  • More front groups.
  • The cost of joining
  • The expensive vaults bought with that money
  • Real research on engrams not promising

  • Hubbard

  • College Transcript

  • Narconon (the CoS drug rehab program)

  • Narconon closures (updated 10/13/95)

  • Church Debt

  • Church in France is dissolved for failure to pay taxes.
  • Liens search for Dianetics, Scientology, Narconon, the Church of Spiritual Technology, Building Management Services, Bridge Publications and Sterling Business Systems (search as of Nov 30, 1995)
  • Old Scientology liens search
  • Old Narconon liens search

  • Is the Church expanding or not?

  • Growth?
  • Actual membership statistics.
  • More estimates on membership that are well below the 8 million claimed.
  • The New Squirrel's report on Australian orgs
  • Quotes on number of Austrailian members
  • Incorporations and closures (corrected 9/22/95)
  • Detailed data #1: Florida and California (corrected 9/22/95)
  • Detailed data #2: Missouri, Nebraska, District of Columbia, New Hampshire
  • Detailed data #3: Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina
  • Detailed data #4: Kansas, Massachusetts, Oregon, South Carolina
  • Detailed data #5: Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland
  • Detailed data #6: Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Washington
  • Detailed data #7: Colorado, Georgia, Wisconsin, Utah
  • Detailed data #8: New York, Tennessee, Texas
  • Detailed data #9: Ohio, Louisiana, Michigan

  • Database searches (raw data)

  • Search for related organizations and shared addresses
  • Search for business aliases (DBAs)
  • Narconon organizations
  • Dianetics organizations
  • This page was done in 1995 and 1996 by Brett Achorn. It represents a snapshot from these days. Later developments have not been taken into consideration.