Scientology security staff and private investigators

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Antonio Avila

Gregg Colton alias "The penguin"
resting against a tree after a hard day 
harassing picketers with his heavy camera

Lindsay Colton, $20 per hour
From Greg Colton & Associates in Dunedin

Lindsay Colton and Paul Kellerhals

Paul participated in the imprisonment of Lisa McPherson
He is the ex-husband of Stacy Brooks

Lindsay Colton aims at the wrong target

Paul Kellerhals

Steve Bellavigna
works for: Florida Claims Bureau Inc.
in Bradenton, FL
President: Ernest F. Robinson

"Stop laughing!"
"Sorry Phil. But that sign is just so funny. There are really no OTs here."
"That's it! I'll write you up and you'll go to the RPF"


On the left: Steve Bellavigna. On the right: Lindsay Colton

Pete Thornburg

These two were filming at the vigil and 
violating the injunction forbidding them to 
approach LMT members less than 10 feet

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