The candle-light vigil for Lisa McPherson

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The projection on the right was a surprise arranged by Frank Oliver and Bruce Pettycrew - it appeared on the wall of the Fort Harrison Hotel while the service in the memory of Lisa McPherson was held. Paul Kellerhals, Scientology's doorboy, was visibly annoyed.

People listening to the speech of Gregg Hagglund

In the car: Bruce Pettycrew and Frank Oliver display a text on the wall of "Flag"
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People listening to the speech of Gregg Hagglund

"Gypsyblue" carrying the wreath

In the back of the Fort Harrison Hotel, near where Lisa suffered

The wreath; the text is "Lisa we remember you"

Ann Carlson and Dell Liebreich speaking to reporters

Lisa McPherson died on December 5th, 1995 after being held 17 days captive in Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater. Click here for details and legal updates.

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