The entheta truck

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Dr. David Touretzky had noticed that there was a free parking space in front of the Sandcastle, a location where rich Scientologists get pampered. He first filled the space with a car from critic "Suse Hartweg". Dr. Dave and Don NOTS then rented a Ford pickup truck and drove to the Sandcastle. Scientology had now put U-HAUL Trucks in front, except of course at the "reserved" location. The only problem now was that the space was too small for the truck. But there was help: former Scientologist Peter Alexander carefully inserted the vehicle. [Sandcastle - Church of Scientology Religious Retreat]
Copyright © 1999 "Suse Hartweg",
used with permission

Copyright © 1999 "Suse Hartweg", used with permission

Scientology was so enturbulated by the entheta truck that it blocked its own entrance for half an hour. After that, it moved the right truck so that at least cars could pass somehow.
On the left: OSA camera operator "Croc" alias Phillip Deller.

Dr. Dave and Don NOTS relaxed on plastic garden chairs, played with the inflatable space aliens, and displayed signs that every Scientologist entering or leaving the location had to notice. Don NOTS also made "public service announcents" that "Ron is Xenu." Additionally, they offered Ice Tea, Diet Pepsi and even Pizza to passers-by. Hey, nobody has ever said that a protest has to be exhausting!

Picketing doesn't have to be exhausting!

Dr. Dave painting the sign

Don NOTS and Dr. Dave eating a Pizza

(The guy with the WORSE sign is Mark Plummer aka Warrior)

(On the right: Mark Plummer aka Warrior)

Hello, everyone!

Cruising in Clearwater
Copyright © 1999 "Suse Hartweg", used with permission

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