Scientology security guards (Yes this is supposed to be a "church"!) and senior staff

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PIs at the Holiday Inn
(Beverly says that the one on the right
was also seen at Perkins)

Paul Kellerhals has a bad hair day.
("PK" is the ex-husband of Stacy Brooks)

"Yes Dave, I am trying the hair brush tech!"

Paul Kellerhals with junior security guy

[Stacy and PK in love]
Stacy and PK in love in 1976
Copyright Stacy Brooks, used with permission

OSA picket chicken Richard Howd

"Elron said that smoking prevents cancer"

Katie Chamberlain

Coming out of the court building: Bennetta Slaughter of AMC Publishing (with sunglasses); on the left Katie Chamberlain of AMC Publishing (she was running an "ethics" programme on Lisa McPherson which contributed to her breakdown)

"Spencer" - watch him on XENU-TV

OSA camera operator "Croc" alias Phillip Deller
Copyright "Suse Hartweg", used with permission

OSA camera operator "Croc" alias Phillip Deller
Copyright "Suse Hartweg", used with permission

Some cameramen prefer to remain invisible

Arthur Baxter & helper
(Was chief of security in 1992)
According to the state attorney, Arthur Baxter was heavily involved in the watch of Lisa McPherson

Mike Rinder (lost weight!) and Ben Shaw

Mike Rinder in 1999
Copyright "Suse Hartweg", used with permission

Mike Rinder in 1996

depressed OSA operative Mary Story

These two stormed out of the Sandcastle in panic when the entheta truck was set up.
The one on the right had denied being a Scientologist the day before.
Copyright "Suse Hartweg", used with permission

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