Scientology security guards (Yes this is supposed to be a "church"!) and senior staff

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This friendly-looking guy appeared mainly on the day we went to the Sandcastle, but also before. He had a very small camera and tried to make fotos of us while we were picketing. When I tried to do the same with him, he hid his face with his camera; this was really silly. Nevertheless I got two good shots after returning from the Sandcastle, even he would like them.

Update December 1999: this is the guy known as Croc, whose speciality is to verbally abuse Stacy Brooks and Patricia Greenway. Watch Croc on XENU-TV. Update January 2000: His name is Phillip Deller.

Security guy trying to photograph me with his digital camera. In the background: Grady Ward

This guy was usually standing on the side entrance of the Fort Harrison Hotel near the black tarp. He always put his sunglasses on when being fotographed.

This security guard was standing at the garage entrance.

"wog alert! wog alert!"
I fotographed these people in the front of the Fort Harrison Hotel entrance. Their job was to prevent people from getting out while we were there.

Copyright Bob Minton, used with permission

Both Bob Minton and I fotographed this guy at the door. I was later told that his name is Paul Kellerhals, [Stacy and PK in love]and that he was the Chief of Security at "Gold". He is also the ex-husband of Stacy Brooks, who also provided this picture (on the right) from 1976, when she was in love with PK.

What a career: yesterday the Chief of Security, today the door boy.

According to the FL state attorney, PK was heavily involved in the watch of Lisa McPherson.

Copyright Bob Minton,
used with permission

Copyright Bob Minton,
used with permission

Copyright Bob Minton,
used with permission

Update January 2000: this is the guy known as Spencer, whose speciality is to verbally abuse Stacy Brooks and Patricia Greenway.
Watch Spencer on XENU-TV.

This guy seemed to be a supervisor of the other security guards, I fotographed him at the side of the hotel.

Another one of the door guards... funny is that he looks like former german foreign minister Klaus Kinkel.

I cannot remember where I fotographed him, but the full foto shows that he is a security guard.

Copyright Grady Ward,
used with permission
This is Mike Rinder, a top scientology official. The foto was made on 5.12.1998. Here he is with a police officer. In the previous year, Scientology had organized a "spontaneous" demonstration of scientologists around the police station, yelling "Sid Klein, what is your crime?". Well, the police officer you see on the left photo is Chief Klein (whose department did an excellent job). Maybe Rinder is busy apologizing to him?
This foto was made a bit later after he had walked to his car, dropping his keys. (nervous?) Too bad I didn't fotograph that :)

It is not the first time that Mike was unable to control himself. In 1993, in an article in Premiere magazine, he called the Xenu story "garbage, completely untrue".

Mike had no bodyguards near him. This proves that the security guards are not set up to protect scientologists against critics, but to prevent scientologists from getting informed by critics.

The Tall guy

The guy above is Brian Anderson, a spokesperson for the Fort Harrison Hotel. He is tall and looks like a geek, but he is a raving loonie. After the 1997 picket he wrote a series of scurrilous letters to CWPD Chief Klein, claiming that the chief had run under-cover operations named after a pizza recipe. The city mostly ignored his silly accusations, saving tax payers some good money. Brian Anderson destroyed all the original notes which had been written for FSO employee Marcus Quirino by the "caretakers" of Lisa McPherson.

The shirt reads:
Senior HCO Flag Land Base

I saw this guy several times while in Clearwater. He seemed to do what his shirt said, i.e. he explained people what to do, where to go, etc. At one time, he prevented a scientologist from (possibly) assaulting me. His name is Dave Engleheart or Dave Englehart, he has been in Scientology for decades, he was on the Apollo ship.

Apparently, Dave has a bad temper, and really hates Russians with smelly feet. Read the testimony of Zoe Woodcraft (Nr. 84).

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