People protesting Scientology

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"People who attack Scientology are criminals"
                                         (L. Ron Hubbard, ED149 INT)

Beverly Rice

Valerie Emanuel




(For more on her, see also here)


Stacy Brooks

Stacy Brooks at the press conference

Keith Henson

Gerry Armstrong and Stacy Brooks

Foto Copyright Bob Minton,
used with permission

Alan Barclay / Gorilla / Artemis

Gregg Hagglund



Frederic L. Rice

Shy David
(Rev David Michael Rice)

Gerry Armstrong

Mark Dallara

Former Mayor Gabe Cazares

CWPD Lt. (retired) Ray Emmons

Jeff Lee

Rod Keller

Tom Padgett

Grady Ward

Bob Minton

Arnie Lerma

Jesse Prince

Jeff Jacobsen

The Exile

D.W. Pierce

Don NOTs


(Copyright Grady Ward, used with permission)

Peter Reichelt

(Copyright Grady Ward, used with permission)

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