Caught on Kodak: 
Scientology also exploiting children and elderly

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The above is only one half of the abuse; scroll to the right to see more of it.

(All people on the images below are Scientologists)

Foto by Shy David, used with permission

All three group photographs above by Grady Ward, used with permission

According to Ladybird,
this is a german girl named
Katrin, she was RPFed 
after a flubbed recruit tour

Foto by Grady Ward,
used with permission

According to Ladybird, this is Marco Cippilino
(Picture removed by request)

Left: Claire Reppen

Claire Reppen
died in 2001 from cancer

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

According to Ladybird, this is Mary Pesch

According to Ladybird, this is Uli Hubert from Germany

According to Blownforgood, this is Jenny Ramsauer
According to no_8c_now, her husband is Walter Ramsauer
According to lulu_belle, she was previously known as Jenny Cruzen and was married to Rick Cruzen

According to blownforgood, this is Jason Bennick

The guy above came to set up a stereo. The protesters laughed at him because he had initially forgotten the extension cord, and then had problems to set up the music.

The purpose of the music was of course to prevent the Scientologists from hearing us.

The foto above is somewhat misleading:
the woman's eyes do not glow, nor
has her left arm been cut off.
These illusions are angle / light problems.

The foto above was taken through a car mirror, so it may or may not be distorted.

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission
(Is this the chain of mind control?)

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

The text above reads:
"The IAS Anniversary Event 
Los Angeles - 1993
I was there!"

According to Ladybird, this is Jenny De Vogt
According to this post, her name was Jenny De Vocht, the now ex of Tom De Vocht, who left; she appeared as "Jenny Linson" as one of the "Stepford Wives" (with terrible acting!) in the Anderson Cooper show on April 2nd, 2010

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

According to Ladybird, this is Sean Goodyear

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

According to Ladybird, this is Jean Nichols

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

More group shots

According to Ladybird, the blonde girl is named April, and was on the RPF for 5 years

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission
(Person on the left removed by request)

Foto by Grady Ward, used with permission

These fotos were taken on Sunday, December 6, 1998. It was south-east of the Fort Harrison Hotel, somewhat between the hotel and the fire station. The people were working on something, often in flagrant violation of work safety: Girls (children, about 16 years old in my opinion) were spraying paint without wearing a mask, a guy was welding with electricity (the kind of welding that has a croco grip on the part being welded) without wearing safety goggles (I didn't get a foto of it). Interesting is that near him was a guy who was welding the traditional way did use a safety "shield". All this on a sunday. Of course, Scientology will claim they are all volunteers, especially since they could have left with us critics, who often told them to leave. Yeah, and there are cult apologists who claim that mind control doesn't exist. I shot many fotos to document witnesses.

I did ask a police officer why they didn't stop it. He told me that one can only make a report to the labor office and that they would do an investigation. I hope that this will be done; I do also hope that the relatives of the people wake up by seeing these fotos.

Read the text Allowing Children to Work from the official Scientology Handbook!

Observation from a former Sea Org CMO/CW Officer

Of the approximately 45 people who were working on the big christmas tree assembly while I was there, I would put the breakdown as follows:

5 possible RPF (could only be heard answering YESSIR to directions) The dress was black on black, they were working all alone in a corner by the small building, and were not mixed in with the other SO members there. I could be mistaken about them being RPF, for it is unusual for RPFers to be put to work along side regular Sea Org members. These individuals might have been 'Ethics Cases' working off lower conditions such as 'liability' but not actually on the RPF. That type of work is taken on in addition to normal duties, and is considered 'amends work.'

15 EPF (were answering yes sir to directions, but also asking questions) Estates Project Force personnel are under direction of the Estates Crew for their daily dose of MEST work.

20 'press-ganged' regular Sea Org * (had some limited conversations with others while they were working, and went at will in and out of the small building without asking for permission) The 2 men operating the cutting torch and welding metal were most likely regular sea org Estates Crew. It is likely that the more elderly men and women who were seen were not regular Flag Crew or Estates Crew, but probably Flag Service Org.

2 Supervisors: The in-charge (project I/C) was a middle aged man in tan slacks and light brown shirt, medium brown hair - was called "Jeff," I have forgotten the last name, but it was something like Iverson. The Project I/C was seen directing various teams at work and reallocating jobs. The second supervisor, most likely a CMO, a messenger, was obviously over him, and coordinating the arrival and distribution of new supplies by truck. She was in late twenties/early thirties, had dark hair, wore light blue slacks and low-slung heels/pumps as shoes. I saw her giving orders to the one called Jeff. There was not a speck of dirt on her.

One older man in a pair of dark slacks, a white shirt, and a tie came and went from the scene in a Flag Happy Holidays white van. He was probably reporting back progress to management in Flag. I would suspect that he was a mid-level executive, either normally hatted for Flag Crew, or press-ganged from elsewhere.

By 'press-ganged' I refer to regular FSO, Flag Crew and other administrative type staff who are pulled from their jobs (posts) for an 'all-hands' project like this. It is not unusual for these SO to do the work for as long as it takes, even through the whole night, then return to their regular duties the next day without any sleep. It's a 'speed of particle flow' (how fast can we get this done) and 'confronting MEST' (get your hands dirty sometimes) concept which most SO experience occassionally. People are pulled from post on an as needed basis. They are not volunteers, they are press-ganged under orders from an executive. 

Comment by Charlotte Kates after seing this page

I was headed for the EPF in Clearwater, at FLAG, when I discovered ex-members on the Internet, when I found out the truth, and when I got out. I was at an anti-cult conference the weekend I was supposed to be arriving for the EPF at Clearwater. Looking at these pictures, I had a great sense of relief. I really see the EPF as a means of stripping people's identity and independence from them, making them malleable, and creating a Scientologist capable of doing anything in the name of Scientology, able to disconnect from family without regret, able to serve on the RPF, able to blame himself or herself for all the wrongs he or she suffers without once blaming Scientology.

When I was headed for the EPF, I was told to bring "one or two upstat outfits" of clothing "for events and similar things." When the EPF was to be brought on display, it was necessary that the usual EPF look of somewhat decrepit and dirty uniforms be shed--it was not, after all, a look of the "mecca of technical perfection:" it was something to be hidden. The reason, I was told, would be that there would be no room in the berthing in which I would be staying : so many female EPFers would be sharing the room that there simply would be no space for personal belongings. That space itself would be invaded daily by "white-glove" inspections by EPF supervisors. The EPFer has no privacy, hardly even any objects to tie them back to their life before the SO, no time to think or act privately, their hours taken by often meaningless physical labor and Scientology courses. Their hair is cut by Sea Org members, they eat in the staff cafeteria, they share a room, their mail is read and censored, their privacy invaded; the EPF is an introduction to Sea Org mind control. Its destruction of independence and individuality is a gateway for the abuses to follow.

Comment by

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 19:43:42 GMT
I'll begin by thanking Tilman for the wonderful photos of the most recent clearwater picket. (Wish I could have been there). The photos were terrific. I was most impressed to see the stark difference in the facial expressions of the critics as opposed to that of the scienos. My heart just aches when I see these young kids looking so tired and sad. Not one of them is smiling. They do not appear to be enjoying the company of one another. This is not what one's teen age years should be like. They are dressed in little more than rags, they are not very well groomed, the girls don't wear makeup (not that I am an big advocate of makeup, I don't wear any myself but teenagers are always trying to look spiffed up as a rule). The entire look and feel of these photos is sad and even miserable. I wish I could take these kids home with me so they could eat well, sleep enough and have the time and energy to do the normal things that kids do. I would gladly rescue one or two of them. At the time of their young lives when they should be arguing with their parents because they do not have as much freedom as they would like, they are guarded by adults who do not even have a word for love or compassion on their stupid tone scale. I feel sick inside.

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