The book girl

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(foto on the top right copyright Grady Ward, used with permission)

This girl was walking with these heavy books from the side of the "bank building" to the Fort Harrison Hotel on December 3rd. (I really had the thought to help her, but didn't do it) Later scientologists used vans to prevent us from fotographing such flagrant violations of work safety.

While viewing fotos by Grady Ward I noticed that the same girl had appeared two days later. I had seen her too, but didn't realized that it was the same. She appeared also to be some sort of supervisor (she was directing staff), and was talking with the cops. A normal staff member would not do contact with "outside world". I think she must be of a medium level - her current level is not high enough to afford a decent bra.

All fotos below copyright Grady Ward, used with permission.

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