Pictures from the Scientology-related events in Berlin, October 1997

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Gerry Armstrong after lunch at the Einstein café

Birgitta Dagnell and Gerry Armstrong after dinner at "Zum Nußbaum"

The public conference on the evening before the Scientology demonstration

The podium

Gerry Armstrong

Birgitta Dagnell

Renate Rennebach

Tanya Neujahr

Ursula Caberta

The Scientology demonstration

(many photographs here are of poor quality because I photographed "against the sun")

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Copyright Birgitta Dagnell, used with permission

John Carmichael, OSA New York City

Andrik Schapers, Jeff Pomerantz, ......, Mike Rinder, Urbano Alonso

Karen Hollander (CCLA), Isaac Hayes, Carol Martiniano, Mike Rinder, ..., ...

A nicer shot of Carol Martiniano

Copyright Birgitta Dagnell

This black man and (probably) his wife attented the event the day before, and marched in front of the demonstration. I told him about L. Ron Hubbard's racist quotes. The "wife" never said a word.

unknown girl in red (not OSA), looked quite nice in real life

Andrik Schapers and Jeff Pomerantz

Mike Rinder, ..., and a Troll

The Golden Era musicians
Second from left (with beard) is Peter Schless

The Golden Era musicians
Second from left in front (with beard, at keyboard) is Peter Schless

These are not solo-auditing rooms!

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