Pictures from the June 24th, 1995, demonstration against Scientology

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The demonstration was organized by a lot of groups to protest the real-estate business of the Scientologists in Berlin (converting houses into condos, pressuring tenants to get out, and selling the condos although they have not yet paid the previous owner).

A very personal report on the demo is also available.

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Scientologen, verpisst euch: you don't have to be german to understand that message from the tenants of that house, which was bought by a scientologist company. Not on the picture is another banner, which suggested that the scientologists report across the street. Well, there is a cemetary there.

The house is in Berlin-Schöneberg, probably in the Monumentenstraße. The guy in green is a cop in "battle-uniform" (german cops have green uniforms and cars). He wasn't necessary, because there were no incidents.

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Geht mit Gott, aber geht !!! Scientologen raus aus diesem Haus ! Raus aus Berlin !

This means: "Go with God, but go !!! Scientologists out of this house ! Out of Berlin !"

This house is in Berlin-Neukölln, Sanderstraße 4. We had a little clambake there, the tenants had prepared a lot of food, and sold it to the demonstrators. Note the cardboard shark.

A few days later, they had their day in court: the scientologists wanted that the banners be removed. The court had already declined to set a temporary restraining order before, and dismissed the case on July 5th.

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Selbst Blüm warnt: Geldwäsche-Organisation.
Der Terror hat einen Namen - SCIENTOLOGY.
Kauft nicht bei SCIENTOLOGEN - manche wurden schon BETROGEN.
Hände weg vom Kiez - Kein Geld für die Sektenkasse !

This means: "Even Blüm [german labor minister] warns: money-laundering organisation. The terror has a name - SCIENTOLOGY. Don't buy from SCIENTOLOGISTS - some were DEFRAUDED (this rimes in german). Hands off the area - No money for the cult's cash register !"

Note the inflated shark.

This house is in Berlin-Neukölln, Allerstraße 4. It was the first house where the tenants got together and resisted. That house was frequently a topic in newspaper articles.

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The weird looking guy is one of the tenants of a scientologist-owned house. He tried to "bull-bait" the spokesperson of scientology in Germany, Sabine Titzel. (She is now married and her name is now Sabine Weber. At the beginning of 1996 she was still in the cult).

He failed. No wonder: scientologists are trained at that game at the beginning of their cult life.

What's the point of all this ? People are resisting scientology, and they are doing it in the open, for everyone to see. It doesn't matter what is written on those banners - important is the message: the evil psycho-cult of scientology is not welcome.

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