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Mainz   (last change: 1.5.97)
Jugendzentrum Neustadt Goethestr. 7, corner Barbarossa-Ring 06131-638451 Friday, 18.7., 17.10. 97 9pm

Marburg   (last change: 1.5.97)
Lahngarten Wehrdaerstr. 102 Info: 06421-86540 (W.+M. Nemeti) every Tuesday 8pm
Merlins Garten Sonnenblickallee Tel.: ? every Wednesday and Sunday 8pm
Ballettschule Franck Reitgasse 11 ? every Sunday 7pm

Monheim   (near Leverkusen,    last change: 7.11.97)
Restaurant Tango Rathausplatz Info: 0234-9490933(Esther Szirniks) each last Saturday in the month (not in November and December 97) 8 pm no entry fee cold buffet (tapas, garlic and salad), nice atmosphere.

München (Munich)   (last change: ???)






Praterinsel Praterinsel 3 - 4 Tel.: ? every Monday (mid July - mid August) 8pm in the inner yard, with every weather
? Hofmannstr. 7 089-4807149 every Tuesday 9pm -1am
Hansapalast Hansastr. 41 ? every Thursday 9pm with live-music
Lothringer Bierhalle Lothringer Str. 10 ? every 1st Thursday of the month 9pm - 1am
Theater links der Isar Auenstr. 19 ? every Friday 10.30pm - 3am
Tanzschule CIRCULO Rosenheimer Str. 139 ? every last Saturday of the month 10pm -2am with live-music
Taverna Odyssee Bad Kreuther Str. 8 ? every last Saturday of the month 8pm
Gaststätte Laimers Am Agricolaplatz ? every Sunday 3pm -6pm

Münster   (last change: ???)
Grand Cafe Hörster Str. 51 0251-57517 every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 9pm -12pm
Theater-Cafe Neubrückenstr. 63 0251-511329 every 3rd Sunday of the month 4pm - 12pm

Murnau   (last change: ???)
Westtorhalle Kemmelgebäude twice a month on Sunday: 6.+20.7. 8.30pm

Neu-Ulm   (last change: ???)
Theater Neu-Ulm, Bühneneingang Silcherstr. 2 0731-985670 every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month 8pm

Nürnberg   (Stand: ???)
Lupes Tanzstudio Fürther Straße 174 ? every 1st Sunday of the month 6pm -10pm
Zwinger-Bar Lorenzer Str. 33 0911-22048 every 3rd Sunday of the month 9pm - 1am

Oldenburg   (last change: ???)
Kulturetage Bahnhofstr. 11 every last Sunday in the month, not in July 7pm
Jazzclub Alluvium Zeughausstr. every 2nd Wednesday,not from 23.7. - 20.8. 9pm -12pm

Osnabrück   (last change: 13.5.97)
Piesberger Gesellschaftshaus Glückaufstr. 1 every Tuesday 9pm -11pm
Salzbar Petersburger Wall 36 -47 every 1st Saturday in the month 9pm - 1am

Regensburg   (last change: ???)
Tango-Werkstatt Puricellistr. 40, basement every 3rd Thursday a month 8.30pm -1am

Stuttgart   (last change: 2.5.97)
Rat-Rat Rotenwaldstr. 114 (am Westbahnhof) ? every Tuesday 8.30pm - 12pm
Tango Vorstadt Friedhofstr. 71, 3rd floor ? every Friday except 25.7. 10pm
Salida Schöttlestr. 32 (Degerloch) 0711-764846 every Saturday 9pm
Landtag Heusteigstr. 45 ? every Sunday 8pm
Open-Air Tango in front of the Café Fresko Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 28, Stuttgart-Center 0711/233613 Info: 0711/600525 (Johannes Schulz) every Sunday 8pm

Tübingen   (last change:: ???)
Clubhaus Wilhelmstr. 30 every Sunday 8pm - 11.30pm

Wangen   (last change: ???)
Josefshaus (Kath. Gemeindehaus Ratzenried) every Sunday 8.30pm

Weikersheim (bei Bad Mergentheim)  (Stand: 13.5.97)
Club W71 between the sports fields Info: 07934-7968 (Marijke Beemsterboer) every Monday 8pm - 12pm
Sunday, every 4-8 weeks (call!) ???

Wiesbaden   (last change: 1.5.97)
Tattersall Saalgasse 34 -36 every Wednesday 9pm-12pm

Würzburg   (last change: 2.5.97)
Theatre Chambinzky Valentin-Becker-Str. 2 0931-12802, Info: 0931-74626 every Monday 9pm - 12pm

Café Ada Wiesenstraße 0202-452715 every Monday 8.30pm - 1am


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