LBR - Location Based Reminder

LBR 1.4 is now available.

Bug fixes / enhancements in version 1.4:
- Autobind is no longer activated for ever.
  When starting Autobind you will be asked for a duration,
  how long it should be activated.
  See the screen shots below.
- LBR should now be started automatically at boot time.

Download LBR V1.4: LBR-1_4.sis

14.08.2008, Pezhman Givy

LBR V1.3 is now available.

Bug fixes / enhancements in version 1.3:
- SMSes are now sent with Status Report Request.
- For SMS actions now you have the option to delete them automatically from sentbox.
- Actions now have a default delay of 5 minutes.
- "BigBrother" was implemented. When enabled, BigBrother preodically sends a SMS containing
MCC:MNC:LAC:CellId and (if available) GPS data to an arbitrary phonenumber.
See the updated screen shots below.

Download LBR V1.3: LBR-1_3.sis

24.08.2007, Pezhman Givy

LBR V1.2 is now available.

Bug fixes / enhancements in version 1.2:
- 'Specified folder not found' at initial start of LBR - fixed.
- There was a redraw problem when 'auto bind' was activated - fixed.
- The jounal DB-file lbrcj.db grew for ever and was never shrinked - fixed.
- First letter match is now supported for locations.
- The engine which guesses your location and fires the actions was improved to be more reliable.

Download LBR V1.2: LBR-1_2.sis

If you plan to connect a GPS device to LBR, you first have to allow
location queries in Tools/Extras/Location privacy. Otherwise LBR will
not be able to connect to the GPS device.

If you have problems with 'floating locations' do:
- set in Prefrences/Actions 'Arival valid after...' and 'Departure valid after...' at least to 5 minutes.
- let the actions be fired after a delay of say 5 minutes.

01.08.2007, Pezhman Givy

LBR V1.1 is now available. This version features a cell journal which logs all cells the phone was
logged in. You also can export the complete journal and process it on
your desktop computer.

Other (hopefully) enhancements are:
- Unicode SMSes are now supported.
- More stable SMS engine.

Please note: The Journal database can grow very fast. I recommand to set the
maximum age (see screen shots below) of the journal entries to 1 or 2 days when you enable it..

Download LBR V1.1: LBR-1_1.sis

12.06.2007 / Pezhman Givy (email: phg at snafu dot de)

Known problems:

When you receive the error 'The specified directory cannot be found' at
start of program, create the directory 'Communicator/Documents/Lbr' manually
and everything should be fine.


LBR (Location Based Reminder) is a tool for Symbian OS S80/2.0 mobile phones 9300(i)/9500.

You can define locations based on GSM cell IDs. For each location you can define actions to
be triggered when you arrive in or leave the location. Currently two types of actions are supported:
SMS and a reminder box.

LBR optionally supports GPS devices. When you attach a GPS to the phone, LBR annotates
each cell with its GPS coordinates and tries to find out, where the cell is located. So you
can use it as a pure CellTracker application. There is simple perl script which creates an
even simpler java script showing the positions of the aquired cells using google maps.
To create the map you have first to export the cell database by choosing menu item
File->Export or pressing the Cntl-X. The cell database will be exported as XML to
Documents/LBR/lbrexp-yyyymmddhhmmss.xml. Transfer this file to your computer
where you will run Start with the filename of the export file as


perl lbrexp-20070430215828.xml

The result is the Javascript file map-20070430215828.html.

Please be aware that the .xml and .html files are in the same directory when you open the .html file
in your browser.

I developed and tested the application on Nokia 9300i. I suggest it should also
work on Nokia 9500.


Bug reports, comments and suggestions are welcome on phg at snafu dot de.

When you use it please send me an email containing LBR in its subject.
This is not an act of registration as LBR comes with full functionality:
I'm just curious :-)

Have fun.

Download LBR V1.0:  LBR-1_0.sis

04.05.2007 / Pezhman Givy

Here some (updated) screen shots:

Cells View 01

The current location and the current active cell are displayed with red font.

Cells View 02

Cells View 03

Some statistics on locations:


Some statistics on Cells:


R in the last line is the estimated cell radius.
U in the last line is the number of updates for radius estimation.

GPS Info:


The Actions view:

ActionsView 01

ActionsView 02

Various settings:

Prefrences 01

Prefrences 02

Prefrences 03

Prefrences 04

Prefrences 05

The Journal View:

Journal 01

"Reset" resets the filter settings to default and refreshes the list.

Journal 02

You can define a filter for entries to list in this dialog.
By default the entries of the last 24 hours are listed.
If you only want to see the entries with "no network service" search for the cellid 0:0:0:0.
To list cells which are not bound to a location let the edit field blank.

Journal 03

Journal 04

The red line marks an interrupted time line.