According to the german Wikipedia (2018-04-18):

On November 11, 1864, the Union troops burnt down Atlanta. This resulted from Sherman's principle of total war, which aimed to involve the civilian population. Sherman continued this tactics on his campaign across Georgia, which led him as far as Savannah on the Atlantic coast (click on the above image in order to toggle.)

I coudn't find any instance of this statement in the english/international Wikipedia.

Update 2019-07-16: Just recently Bernhard Schaub has enumerated (in German) what to his opinion are the three most impotant battels we've lost:

  1. Waterloo,
  2. Gettysburg, and
  3. Stalingrad.
In the above list, please note the battle of Gettysburg where the confederates were commanded by general Robert E. Lee. Viewed through the eyes of Bernhard Schaub, history (not just of the U.S. but of the whole world) would have taken a completely different path in case the confederates (according to Schaub: our friends) had won the battle of Gettysburg.

Anyway, we could observe the same "tactics" during Dresden bombing (and the bombing of many other German cities) as well as the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (The very same "tactics" is refined these days: All the white countries - and just these - are flooded by an uncivilized "people" with an IQ of about 70. The (((U.N.))) officially calls it Replacement Migration - already by the year 2000.)

Update 2018-10-09: Paul Craig Roberts has an essay on fake history in the U.S.: Erasing History, Diplomacy, Truth, and Life on Earth.
Update 2018-12-10: U.S. Attorney Takes First Step toward Prosecuting Explosive Destruction of World Trade Center on 9/11.
Update 2019-04-06, Hans-Joachim Mueller: U.S. president Donald Trump is a creature of the (white) U.S. military intelligence and former executive chairman of "Breitbart News" Steve Bannon is organizing the resistence in Europe.
Update 2019-05-15, Hans-Joachim Mueller: Supported by Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Germany's next Chancellor will be Hans-Georg Maaßen.

Hans-Joachim Mueller: kauft Euch Salzstangen (get popcorn)

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Update 2019-05-28, "Der Konservative": Will Maßen become chancellor?