last update: 06/2003

To code in assembly language you need an editor, an assembler (maybe a linker) and other helpers like a disassembler. Here we have:


AEDT182.ZIP (MSDOS) - ASM EDIT is an assembler IDE with lots of features. Onlinehelp and a complete x86 opcode-listing. Needs at least a 386, better is a 486 because its really too slow otherwise. (730KByte)

[notice: greg greenough wrote "...AEDIT182.Zip does not work when you install it. it says the year is past 2000 and the version is out of date. you also can not simply change the current date because it says that that i s not the real date because it is befor the install date. so you must uninstall and change the date to pre-2000 then install..."]

ASMIDE.ARJ (MSDOS) - an assembler IDE (integrated development environment). The documentation is english. Its simple and small (99KByte).


At you can download the for your OS appropriate version of NASM - the Netwide Assembler. It's Freeware and it's is the homepage.

A86V402.ZIP (MSDOS) - Eric Isaacson wrote an assembler which is ready compiled for a real mode dos environment. It's shareware. The latest version and other assemblers as well as tools can be found at Simtelspub/msdos/asmutl.


DIS86229.ZIP (MSDOS) - an interactive disassembler. The documentation is english. (72KByte)

and a memoryeditor:

MOHAMED.ARJ (MSDOS) - The MOst HAndy Memory EDitor. A really useful tool gives the possibility to observe and manipulate the whole RAM below 1 MB. The documentation is only available in german. (83KByte)