Michael D'Souza and his wife

(thank you so much for sending your photos to us and to allow to put these photos on our website!
Mustafa, Waleed and Waleed from Aswan-individual.com - please click on small photos to enlarge them ...)

"... I especially enjoyed our time on the felucca with Mustapha.
We would not hesitate to recommend both of their services to fellow travelers (as both went the extra mile for us).
I have included a few pictures from these parts of our trip for your website.
(The one of the felucca sail is a view of Mustapha sailing around the botanical garden island
to pick us up at the other end - he didn't know we took this one =) ).
Anyways, we'd like to thank you as well for your coordination efforts and once again please pass along our thanks to Mustapha and Waleed."