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"Mustafa was able to take us for a wonderful 4 hour trip on the Nile which was just magical.  He also took us to visit his family and his home where we enjoyed amazing views and had tea and bread and at his mothers house.  Petra contacted Mustafa while we were on the boat, to make sure that all was well and it most certainly was!

Waleeds main aim while we were there was for us to be happy and he did this with such professionalism and genuine care.  He helped us find alternative accommodation when we had a problem with our booking (not done through Aswan-Individual I hasten to add), but just because he wanted us to enjoy Aswan as much as he, Petra and Mustafa do."

Mustafa with Lindas family
Mustafa's house: On the roof

In front of Mustafa's house
In front of Mustafa's house

Botanical garden

View from Basma