egypt reloaded
studio kohlmeier berlin – that’s us: Angelika Kohlmeier, born in 1962 in Munich, and Bernd Kohlmeier, born in 1953 in Cuxhaven. We have been collaborating on photography projects since 1985. We develop own ideas meant to unfold in the minds of the beholders. This is our ambition.
Photographs composed like a piece of music. The refined play with light resembles the change of pitch and the sequence of pictures defines the tempo. The combination of all these parameters adds up to a rhythm which sticks in your head like an ear worm. The developed photo – a perfect result.
Deeply moved by the 2011 events in Egypt, we went to Cairo to initiate our photography project “egypt reloaded“.
Since our first professional journey to Egypt in 1985, we have felt a deep emotional connection to this country, its ancient and fascinating culture and its proud people. This project is supposed to support the young revolutionaries on their way to democracy. The project was entirely funded by our company. The portraits depict 50 women and men who participated in the revolution and expressed their hopes for the future of their country on a blank piece of paper. All the photos were shot in May 2011, just after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, at the Tahrir Square in Cairo. They were captured using an analogue medium format camera and black and white film. Now, one and a half years later, the Egyptians are back on the streets. They feel threatened by a new dictatorship which may follow the old formula.
We still support the revolutionaries on their way to a free and democratic country.