the basic PARADOX

- foundations for a groundless discipline


Rules of the Game


Guidelines for authors

These guidelines intend to promote a discursive association / linking of the isolated contributions. Links create feedback potential, and feedback is the prerequisite for communicative stabilisations. And thus for something like "common ground", flexible "basics", as a basis for deeper understanding. The further-reaching objective is "community building" in design.


1) Draft version

Single statements + biographical notes.

The statements, following the intentions formulated in the exposé, should concentrate on the question of design basics.

The question regarding the biography is based on my hypothesis that scientific / academic positions have a strong relationship with the person who expresses them (Humberto Maturana: "Everything that is said is said by someone."). Therefore here, please, if not too intimate, not only years and facts, but ...

- Max. 3000 words altogether, no pictures, Word-format.

- Deadline: 31 August 2001 -> extended: 30 January 2002

The texts will be placed on the web, in English and German, as far as possible.


2) Associations and feedback

For illustrating the complementarity / conformity or opposition of the positions, every author is asked to establish links to 3-5 (or more, Ken) other contributions. These links can be of positive (agreeing) or negative (disagreeing) nature. Brief explanations of the critiques (approvals or objections) in question would be desirable.

- if possible, short and concise, e-mail format (to will do.

- Deadline: 31 November 2001 -> extended: 30 April 2002

The texts will be placed on the web by myself (this restrictive handling of the feedback cycle is to prevent excessive debates).


3) Final version

Revision of the contributions based on the feedback cycle. Please submit:

- the final version of the text,

- a portrait of the author,

- a picture (arbitrary, but with a personal relation to the position supported).

Deadline: 31 February 2002 -> extended: 31 July 2002

The texts will be placed on the web and are the basis of the subsequent book production and conference.


4) Virtual conference

A web-based conference. The audience will be present at 2 places in Germany: Bremen and Halle. The speakers from all over the world will be connected to the event via Internet.

December 2002


5) Book production


6) Real conference

A conventional conference with 10-12 German and international participants in Bremen.

Summer 2003