1997-5-3 last update, 1997-2-4 first day, Robert Jasiek

Commentary on Tromp-Taylor Rules

These very simple and logical go rules are known as Tromp-Taylor rules.

The game is played on a square grid by two players called black and white.

square grid

Each grid point may be black, white, or empty.

grid points with colors black, white, or empty

If a path along the grid lines leaves a grid point A, passing only grid points of A's color, to end at a grid point of color C, then A is said to reach C.

grid point A reaches white

A, B, C reach white

A reaches black

Clearing a color is the process of emptying all grid points of that color that do not reach empty.

clearing black

clearing black

The players alternate turns, starting with black.

black starts, then both players alternate

A turn gives a player the right to move by coloring an empty grid point with his color, then clearing the opponent's color, then clearing his color.

white's turn is a move at 1

white's turn is a move at 1

white's turn is a move at 1

black's turn is a move at 1

No move may repeat an earlier grid coloring.

2 repeats an earlier grid coloring and is not allowed

A turn may be a pass. Two consecutive passes end the game.

white's turn 1 is a pass - black moves at 2 - white's turn 3 is a pass - black's turn 4 is a pass

At the game end a player's score is the number of grid points of his color plus the number of empty grid points not reaching the opponent's color. The higher score wins.

black score - white score

black score - white score