EGF Tournament System Rules

Tournament Systems

The most frequently used tournament systems for a tournament or one of its stages are: McMahon is the default. A tournament system can specify a seeding. A tournament can be part of a series of tournaments or have similar effects. For special purposes, well-defined combinations of different systems can be derived.

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Equal Players

In the final results list, players can be equal if tiebreakers are not used at all or if they are not broken by further tiebreakers. By default, the following applies to equal players:



Tiebreakers might be used for none, one, or several of these purposes:
Different tiebreakers might be used for different purposes. Pairing programs should allow such.

If only one tiebreaker is used, then these tiebreakers are recommended:

More than one tiebreaker might be used in a relative order of priority.

Only in tournaments with a special system, other tiebreakers may be used. E.g., in a combined groups and KO system, a global tiebreaker might be used after the per-group tiebreakers and before Lottery.

Definition of Direct Comparison

Definition of Other Tiebreakers

The Effect of Unplayed Games

To a player's SOS, SOS-1, or SOS-2 in a round without an opponent or with the opponent Bye, in a McMahon his own start McMahon Score is added and in a Swiss 0 is added.

Recommended Order of Equal Players or Tiebreakers

Recommended Usage of Tiebreakers

For the final results of a McMahon or Swiss, tiebreakers should be considered meaningful only near the top of the result table; below tiebreakers might as well be ignored.

Usage of in particular these tiebreakers is not recommended: SOSOS, SODOS, ROS (CUSS), IROS.