Crisis Strategy


Thematic Strategy

A game topic is what you see on the playing material's surface and find in the rules' terminology. In Crisis this is business and railroading. Tactics relies on playing material and rules. Tactics so complex and advanced that it cannot be completely calculated any longer is called strategy. Nevertheless, players want to plan their strategy. A thematic language eases such planning because thoughts are expressed handily in terms of familiar topics. We call such analogies for handling complexity thematic strategy. A game with great complexity and consistent design has the possibility of creating developments so dominant that no strategy should ignore them. Such a development shall be called strategic topic. The game Crisis has two significant strategic topics - tycoons and crises! Players behaving like ordinary shareholders will have a hard time beating players that are ruthless tycoons. Directors expecting a boom following a recession will lose control when a crisis occurs. In other words, most strategy should be subordinated to the strategic topics. Some thematic strategies follow:

Real World's Business Wisdom

As a game Crisis is not too realistic in reflecting the real world. However, it simulates and teaches business mechanisms like a stock market. Hence the following
wisdom can be applied:

Financing Trains

Financing 5-, E4-, E5-, or E6-trains requires careful planning. The most important ways of financing a train are as follows:

2001-08-24 first day, Robert Jasiek