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Easy Learning: Joseki offers three kinds of chapters: josekis, theory and problems / answers. The joseki topic is approached from the different angles of tactics, inherent strategic choices, strategic embedding in the global positional context, concepts of go theory and evaluation. The flexible didactics make understanding easy regardless of the reader's preferred style of learning.

The book uses a "one page one topic" style. Only occasionally, a joseki or theoretical topic has two or three pages. Fast understanding of the key ideas is encouraged, while heaps of too many details are avoided.

Since Easy Learning: Joseki explains also theory and offers problems, the book is much more than a selection of josekis: it is a player's ideal first or second joseki book. On the other hand, players overwhelmed by joseki dictionaries or series get their chance to study josekis with fresh motivation.


The representative selection of 72 important josekis offers a good balance between a too small random selection and a too comprehensive dictionary. For every joseki, the meaning and tactics of difficult moves are explained. The interesting follow-ups during the middle game or endgame are shown. Discussion includes relevant variations, strategic choices within a joseki or in the global environment, and sample evaluations. When a joseki occurs for the first time as an example in a theory chapter, a subsequent chapter explains the joseki.


General advice, which can be accompanied by a principle, and applied examples cover the essential aspects of go theory. The 52 topics include everything from the basics, via evaluation and fighting, to strategy. Without losing itself in details, the book answers all the important questions arising during construction of a joseki, for example, how to emphasise, use and assess influence.


Apart from a number of problems with special tasks checking the reader's understanding, the majority of the 102 problems trains tactical reading ability. Thereby, players learn that strategic decisions rely on tactical verification. There are easy problems for beginners and hard nuts for advanced kyu players.


Easy Learning: Joseki combines a thorough selection of the most important josekis with a broad, but not too detailed, coverage of all relevant go theory and the necessary tactical exercise in problems. The title is the program: learn and understand josekis easily.

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