mod movies
Swing with our dulcet duo as they karaoke to the smooth sounds of the chairman of the board!  Turn up the Hi Fi, kick back, and luxuriate in lounge lizard licentiousness!
Beat Monk Bash 
Having descended into the depths of the underground, Jo and Oscar frantically search for the entrance to Ward Hole's factory.  Can they survive the endless waves of Hole's android minions?
Mod Gun  
Jo and Oscar are having a little trouble finding the entrance to Ward Hole's factory. Help them by fending off the evil Mod while they traipse around the underground. Be sure not to hit the wrong person.
Escalator Action   
Look out below! Watch Jo and Oscar battle a squad of evil Beat Monks as our pair of heroes unwittingly descend into the crimson depths of the Velour Underground for the very first time! Who knows just how kooky it's going to get down there?
Introducing Ward Hole  
Simply twisted! Suffering painful casualties from the cruel war in  SoHo, Ward Hole 'repairs' one of his Monks of Doom by transforming the cross-wired Vespa Monk into a Beat Monk. With enemies like these, Jo and Oscar's future doesn't seem so gloomy after all. Only in MOD.
Top ten of 1997, 
according to 
Mod Mania!    
Seeing spots, Oscar? Up to their usual antics, watch the gang boogie down to the far out sounds in a teaser for the upcoming release of Level One of MODvr. Promising to be the hottest gaming experience on the Web, be sure to check back often so you don't miss a beat. Only in MOD. 
The Chase   
The mean streets of SoHo are tense with fear. Why? Your Lotus 7 is sporting some pretty heavy artillery helping to fend off a couple of MOD thugs in hot pursuit. Oh Oscar, may your aim be good! Join the kids on a race about town where it's written in brownstone that only one shall survive. Only in MOD.     
Mod Dance Party   
Check out Jo in her orange crushed velvet sleeveless and Oscar in his outrageous blue sportcoat grooving together one night in SoHo. While dancing, let the soothing Latin beats sway you straight to the top of the charts on an interactive fantasy built for... three? Only in MOD. (Oh yeah, and be sure not to stare at the dance floor too long!)