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"GLAMOUR - I wish I would like to know the meaning of."

DIETRICH. In the German language: the name of a key that opens all locks. Not a magic key. A very real object, necessitating great skill in the making.

These embroided dresses, each worth up to 30000 dollars, made of rhinestones, glass pearls, diamonds and sequins on delicate, skin-tanned, see-through fabrics and don't really belong in a grandmothers closet. Her 'nude dresses' never failed their effects. She glittered and glistened with reflection of the light, throwing back flashes into the dark hall of the theater through her body movements. And think about all those furs and feathers: outstanding! Here's what Marlene said about her wardrobe:

"FASHION. Don't ever follow the latest trend, because in a short time you will look ridiculous, don't follow it blindly into every dark alley. Always remember that you are not a model or a manniquin for which the fashion is created."

"QUALITY, there is nothing better!"

"ELEGANCE, rarely found today. Woman are not brought up to know about it and therefore lack even the desire to acquire it."

"SHOES are more important than suites and dresses. Good shoes give elegance, to your entire appearance. Wear them only in colours not contrasting with your stockings, best for summer and evening shoes is blond or beige. You can wear them with every dress, even with black, so long as they are a continuation of your stocking colour. Your legs look longer, when the colour of your shoes don't act like a stop sign."

"DRESSING to get out with a man. When you have a dinner date, be prepared so that you can dress without delay. Be ready on time! Even if you should appear dream personified, and he has waited hours to take the dream to dinner, you've spoiled the evening. His over-hungry stomach won't let his eyes see all the beauty, his mood is bad, and by the time he's had his coffee and his mood is fine, you are quiet angry and not beautiful."

"ORGANISATION is speed's best helpmate!"




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