DIETRICH, a trouper, a survivor, a bold goer
where no woman had gone before......

She swept on to the stage in a skin-tight dress of mering silver in a monumental swans down coat that trailed behind her like the wake of a galleon.

She was the epitome of glamour and sophistication a glamour that was accentuated when sometimes she dressed in a top hat and tails and sang love songs to woman. Whichever sex she was on any given night, she would bend low in a stately bow to accept the applause that she regarded as hers by right. MARLENE DIETRICH was about to start another performance of her famous stage show.

With this let's follow the footprints of our diva on worldwide stages....

"In Films there are too many people, too many tangibles. Here, on stage, I know whom to blame. And I can be myself. Nobody cuts, dubs or edits me afterwards."    MARLENE DIETRICH


MARLENE's World Tours and Stage Performances:    *1953 - 1960* 
  Dates Place City Country
more info 15.12. - 4.1.1953 Sahara Hotel Congo R. Las Vegas USA
more info 21.6. - 18.6.1954 Cafe de Paris London BG
more info 1954 Sporting Club Monte Carlo Monaco
more info 15.10. - 4.11.1954 Sahara Hotel Congo R. Las Vegas USA
more info 30.5. - 117.1955 Cafe de Paris London BG
  17.7.1955 Opera House Blackpool GB
more info 4.11. - 31.11.1955 Sahara Hotel Congo R. Las Vegas USA
  11.1957 Tropicana Blue Room Las Vegas USA
more info 14.2. - 7.3.1957 Sands Copa Room Las Vegas USA
  28.1. - 24.2.1958 Sahara Hotel Congo R. Las Vegas USA
  2.1958 Miami Beach Miami USA
more info 9.6. - 7.7.1958 Cafe de Paris London BG
  12.5. - 8.6.1959 Sahara Hotel Congo R. Las Vegas USA
more info 27.7 - 2.8.1959 Copacabana Palace Rio de Janeiro Brasil
  8.1959 Teatro Central Santiago de Chile Chile
  4.8. - 9.8.1959 Teatro Record SaoPaulo Brasil
  12.8. -15.8.1959 Gran Teatro Opera Buenos Aires Argentina
  18.8.1959 Victoia Palace Hotel Montevideo Uruguay
  27.11.1959 Teatre de l'Etoile Paris France
  3.2. - 23.2.1959 Sahara Hotel Congo R. Las Vegas USA
  26.2 - 13.3.1960 Harrah's Lake Tahoe Nevada USA
more info 3.5. - 5.5.1960 Titania Palast Berlin Germany
more info 7.5.1960 Opernhaus Hamburg Germany
  9.5. - 11.5.1960 Tivoli Kopenhagen Danmark
  11.5.1960   Oslo Norwegen
  12.5.1960 Park Avenue Theater Goeteborg Sweden
  13.5.-14.5.1960 Berns Stockholm Danmark
  16.5.1960 Schauspielhaus Duesseldorf Germany
  19.5.1960 Ufa Palast Koeln Germany
  20.5.1960 Kurhaus Bad Kissingen Germany
  21.5.1960 Theater am Aegi Hannover Germany
  22.5.1960 Rhein-Main-Halle Wiesbaden Germany
  23.5.1960 Kurhaus Baden Baden Germany
  24.5.1960 Konzerthalle Zuerich Switzerland
  25.5.1960 Liederhalle Stuttgart Germany
more info 27.5.1960 Deutsches Theater Muenchen Germany
  30.5.1960 Tuschinsky Theater Amsterdam Holland
  17.6.1960   Tel Aviv Israel
  17.6. -26.6.1960   Jerusalem, Haifa Israel
  12.7. -15.7.1960   Madrid Spain
more info 21.8. - 4.9.1960 State Fair Music Hall Dallas USA
more info 6.9. - 12.9.1960 Geary Theater San Francisco USA
more info 15.10. -22.10.1960 Shubert Theater Detroit USA
more info 25.10.1960 O'Keefe Center Toronto Canada
more info 31.9. - 5.10.1960 Her Majesty's Theater Montreal Canada
  14.11. - 4.12.1960 Riviera Club Las Vegas USA

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