Here a few photo shots of her face, which is always timeless. It's not ease to make a selection of the most photographed woman in world. Enjoy these galleries.  

Here a extra photo gallery of portraits    

  In the picture MARLENE is wearing the splashy 'Bubsy Berkeley Bracelet' together with her matching Cartier necklace and a black silk chiffon gown by Christian Dior. This stunning ruby and diamond bracelet, which MARLENE wears in numerous photographs and during her highly charged scene in Alfred Hitchcock's film Stage Fright (1950), was from her own collection. After the film MARLENE put the bracelet in the vault and wore it very seldom. This dazzling piece of jewellery, made by Van Cleef & Arpels around 1937, was sold at Sotherby in New York on 20th October 1992. Therefore it has not been seen by the public for many years. There's a rumour abroad that the popstar 'Madonna' now calls it her own.
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