Daniel Wolf: Published Writings
with links to some original English texts or translations

I. In Books:

1. "Another Reflection on the Bars of a Cage" in John Cage: Anarchic Harmony, ed. Schaedler and Zimmermann (Mainz, Schott 1992).

2. Three Interviews with Alvin Lucier in Alvin Lucier: Reflections, ed. Gronemeyer, MusikTexte, Cologne, 1995.

3. "Alvin Lucier: A Composer in the Gallery" in Alvin Lucier/Sol Lewitt:Chambers, ed. Nievers (Kiel, 1995) (An excerpt from this essay has been reprinted in klangkunst (Munich/New York, Prestel-Verlag, 1996).

4. "Was übrig ist, nachdem die Form vergessen ist, bleibt Form"; in form: Luxus, Kalkül und Abstinenz, ed. S. Sanio and Ch. Scheib, (Saarbrücken, Pfau Verlag, 1999).

5. "Why Ratios are a good/bad model of intonation", The Ratio Book, ed. K. Barlow, (Feedback Press, Cologne, 2002).

6. "AND AFTER THE NEW MUSIC", (Title in progress), ed. Maria de Alvear, in press.

II. Journal Articles, Reviews, Program Notes:

"La Monte Young: Living and Listening in Real Time", INTERVAL (1982)

"What is "The Well-Tuned Piano"?" Liner notes to the Grammavision recording of the work by La Monte Young.

"Mr Cage, His Ghosts & Cheap Imitations", XENHARMONIKON XI (1989)

"Speculum Pelogi", XENHARMONIKON XI (1989)

"Installierte Komposition - Notizen hin zu einer Theorie" in Klang - Bewegung - Raum (Hannover, 1990)

"Was soll man von Darmstadt halten?" MusikTexte 36 (Oct. 1990)

"Alternativen zur Harmonie. Die Bedeutung von "Harmony" in der neueren amerikanische Musik" MUSIKTEXTE 37 (Dec. 1990)

"Four Tunings for Sound Environments" in 1/1 (1990)

"Die Griechischen Götter sind soeben Erschienen" in program book for the "Inventionen" festival, Berlin, 1991.

Book review of Jon Rose´s "The Pink Violin" MusikTexte 46/47 (1992)

Preface to Program Book: "Alvin Lucier: Collaborations", Wesleyan University (1994)

"Zu DIASTASIS", program note for orchestral work by Walter Zimmermann, 1995 ISCM World Music Days

Program note for Hauke Harder´s "Pure Presence", Frankfurt 1996.

Translation of excerpts from S. Tanaka´s Treatise on Just Intonation, XENHARMONIKON XV.

Book review of "The Music of Lou Harrison" by Heidi Von Gunden, 1/1 Volume 9, number 3 (Summer 1996). (Also a letter to the editor in the same issue).

"Fortschritt heißt Vergessen: Eine Anmerkung zum musikalischen Stil" MusikKonzepte 100 (IV/98)

"Akustische Lebenshilfe: Das Werk eines Jahrzehnte als Agenda für ein paar Jahrtausende", principal essay in the program book celebrating the tenth and final season of the Gesellschaft für Akustische Lebenshilfe, Kiel. 

Islam, Gamelan, and Javanese Spirituality, liner notes to Yantra recording Gamelan of Central Java, vol. 4 "Spiritual Gamelan" (2003)

"Alternative Tunings, Alternative Tonalities", Contemporary Music Review 22:1/2 (March/June 2003)


III. Internet Publications:

Numerous contributions to the Alternative Tunings (read a selection of these), Indonesian Performing Arts, Silence (John Cage), and Thomas Pynchon mailing lists.

Various & Random Program Notes to own compositions

A Tale of Two 12-Tone Techniques: Correspondence between Milton Babbitt and Darmstadt
Renewable Music: web log, from December 2004-present (over 900 items to date)


IV. Formal Public Lectures (selection):

"Why are we studying music -- and what of music do we study?" Pomona College, 1989

"On the Threshold: The Music of Alvin Lucier" Wesleyan University, 1994

"Was hören wir?" Einführungsvortrag, Internationales Musikfestival Höfgen-Kaditsch, 31.08.96

V. Fictions, poems, libretti etc..

"Poor Dog Musics One Through Four", CHIQUAPIN (1983)

Actaeon: Chorus (1982)

A Requiem for Lou Harrison (2003)

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