Fraggle Rock Video Serie - No.4
» The Haunting Of Castle Gorg «

Dark & Stormy Night &
The Secret Society of Poobahs
1993, Color, Running Time 52 minutes, Tape is boxed as beyond

Dark & Stormy Night :

Gobo is desperate to explore new territory, so one eveing he braves the Castle of the
Gorg's alone ! But then the night turns eerie. Wha-what's that noise? If no one is 
supposed to be home, the castle must be haunted !

The Secret Society of Poobahs :

Mokey really really really wants to be a poobah, but it's such a mysterious club, she 
hasn't got a clue about how to join ! Then, much to her surprise she's invited to be one 
and things get seriously silly! 


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