Fraggle Rock Video Serie - No.2
» Fraggle Fun And Doozer Doings «

All Work And All Play  
The Preachification of Convincing John
1993, Color, Running Time 52 minutes, Tape is boxed as beyond

All Work And Play :

Cotterpin Doozer is two days away from getting her helmet and becoming a full-fledged Doozer worker. Except she doesn't want to be a Doozer, she wants to be a Fraggle ! Because Fraggles do all the things that Doozers don't -- they play ! 

The Preachification of Convincing John :

Even though Fraggles live on radishes, Mokey decides eating Doozer radish dust 
constructions hurts the Doozers' feelings. So she gets the help of Convincing John, 
who can convince anyone of anything !


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