Cabasse   - High-End-Chassis aus Frankreich


Cabasse-Chassis gehören seit vielen Jahren mit zu den 'oberen Zehntausend'   hochwertiger Lautsprecherchassis.

Getreu der Erkenntnis daß ein Lautsprecher bekanntlich nur einen bestimmten Frequenzbereich gut wiedergeben kann, werden hier die Chassis entwickelt. Diese beherrschen also nur ihren spezifischen Wirkungsbereich, aber den besonders gut.

Da Cabasse nicht gerade zu den 'gängigen' Chassis gehört, möchten wir uns hier mit einer kurzen Darstellung einiger Chassis begnügen. Wenn Sie Interresse an weitergehenden Info's, T/S-Parametern u.a. haben nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf.

Cabasse-Originaltext :

Since the 1950's, when Georges Cabasse defined research and manufacturing criteria with constant, direct reference to live music, he has inspired his team with incremental creativity dynamics.
To meet this great a challenge, best results are obtained by ongoing study and calling into question of every element in an audio sound system, with the utmost attention given to the weakest link, the acoustic speaker.
Just as the highest performance cars have the best engines, the greatest speakers are equipped with high-performance loudspeakers. Progress can only be obtained when a manufacturer does not simply design a new speaker unit based on existing transducers, but rather designs new drive-units and tomorrow's speaker together.

Constant reference to acoustical music has led to establishing simple rules and the ensuing constraints, in developing and manufacturing our loudspeakers:

compliance with dynamics entails high power handling and efficiency. Our motors are built using oversized magnets and heat-shielded coils
good transient response requires lightweight moving elements faiithful reproduction of bass frequencies requires long-throw moving elements and ultralinear motor-elements.
To integrate these parameters and take their interaction into account, Cabasse develops and manufacturers all the key elements of its loudspeakers:

Made in our own factories, using a special polymer film, the tweeter diaphragms are both lightweight and rigid. The shape and design of a Cabasse dome diaphragm weighing just a few dozen milligrams enable it to withstand 30 kg of pressure without deformation. This technology has made it possible to create the first mid-range tweeters capable of signal dynamics compliance

To reproduce the bass and low-midrange frequencies equally well, Cabasse-made diaphragms also combine lightness and rigidity, thanks to their structure's low density and their variable thickness. These diaphragms are formed from a single component made from 2 rigid skins enclosing a highly regular honeycomb structure, and they weigh 5 times less, for comparable rigidity, than their counterparts made of braided synthetic material. The structure's rigidity prevents phenomena of intermodulation distortion found in diaphragms subject to deformation. Thanks to its very low density and homogeneity, the diaphragm's resonance is rejected outside of its working bandwidth.

Combined with long-stroke, constant flow, ultralinear motors, the front suspensions of our loudspeakers are designed to guide rigid diaphragms with extremely high linearity. Their make-up also provides optimal damping for the moving element and ensures the durability of our transducer characteristics.

All these components are assembled following stringent assembly procedures and mounted on specific chassis specially designed for the shape and structure as defined by their range of use. The glues used are specially selected for their mechanical quality and reliability over time.

By controlling the manufacturing of each part which goes into its loudspeakers, Cabasse can now offer all those who love electro-acoustics a complete and novel range of high quality transducers guaranteed for life.

 dom2.jpg (9837 Byte) DOM2  25 mm Dome Tweeter
The DOM 2 is a rigid 25 mm dome tweeter. The variable thickness of its diaphragm provides the best rigidity/weight ratio and this compact but powerful unit is recommended for small 2-ways and 3-way systems with high output and high power-handling capacity.
dom30.jpg (3140 Byte) DOM30
The DOM 30 is the latest addition to a new generation of high-performance tweeters, designed to cover both high and midrange frequencies and thus reduce intermodulation and uneven directivity so prevalent in traditional 2-way systems. Cabasse engineers have designed a new 33 mm dome diaphragm with variable profile thickness possessing both good rigidity to reproduce mid-range peaks without unpleasant distortion in this sensitive range and being very lightweight to provide clear, fine-tuned reproduction of upper frequencies. This midrange tweeter can easily reproduce 116 dB peaks.
dom40.jpg (5175 Byte) DOM40
With an operational range covering 4-octaves, the DOM 40 provides a midrange reproduction quality comparable to the finest 3-way systems, with spatial coherency that conventional 3-ways just cannot attain. Thus, in the low-midrange - woofer register, a 2-way system can enjoy the quality of some bass speakers hitherto reserved for 3-ways. This is the ideal midrange tweeter for upmarket 2-way systems.
17m18.jpg (5166 Byte) 13M15     5" 1/3 Woofer
Cabasse's first 5" 1/3 woofer is not just any small loudspeaker. Its long throw moving element, securely guided by an injected aluminium basket provides true high fidelity reproduction in the bass, compliant sound levels and full reproduction of peaks, thanks to its exclusive lightweight, rigid diaphragm. This technological powerhouse was specially developed for extremely compact, high performance speakers. The TV version has full magnetic shielding.

13M15M   5" 1/3 Speaker
This version of Cabasse's 5" 1/3 speaker has a moving element dedicated to a more narrow frequency bandwidth, covering the entire midrange, from 300 to 3000 Hz. This specialization offers optimized characteristics for its working bandwidth, and especially the boosted output in demand for high performance 3-way systems.

21m18.jpg (4160 Byte) 17M18
The heir to a long line of loudspeakers using dome or exponential diaphragms, the 17 M 18 has an original moving element. Its diaphragm shape combines the rigidity of the dome in front of the coil with directive qualities of an exponential flange. Thanks to its symmetrical operation - even with long back and forth movement of its moving element - and its powerful 102 mm magnet, this woofer gives fidelity, speed and power to systems with a moderate load volume.
21m20.jpg (4595 Byte) 21M18   8" 1/3 Midrange Woofer
In larger-diameter speakers, Cabasse diaphragm qualities of rigidity, lightness and internal damping are unparalleled. All the other components of this loudspeaker, such as its new ultralinear motor, symmetrical long throw suspensions, the long inductance coil and the superb injected Zamac chassis, are designed for the utmost efficiency, power handling and fidelity in exceptional crossovers with an optimal load volume. The 21 M 18 is the perfect 21 cm for 2-way systems with the DOM 40 or DOM 30, and for 3-way and 4-way standing speakers which combine elegance and performance.

21M20    8" 1/3 Midrange Woofer
The 21 M 20 not only possesses all the qualities of its big brother but also a higher force factor. This is the perfect 8" 1/3 speaker for compact 2- or 3-way monitors, or when over-motorization conciliates low load volume, high efficiency and range in the bass frequencies.

30m20.jpg (5963 Byte) 30 M 20    12" Woofer
The 30 cm has been a Cabasse feature for the past 40 years, enjoying the benefits of all our attention and technological progress. A high performance 30 cm, faithful to the high fidelity principles so important to our make, and well loaded with optimized volume, it significantly extends the bandwidth of the subwoofer frequency thanks to its lower resonance frequency, as well as a higher maximum acoustic level thanks to its diaphragm's larger surface area. In a large 3-way system, with its powerful and lightweight moving element, the 30 M 20 is also excellent in the low midrange. In a 4-way or subwoofer, its speed and perfectly controlled movements provide well-balanced listening comfort, whatever the reproduction level.
tw5.jpg (4505 Byte) TW5     High Output Tweeter
Equipped with a carbon ring diaphragm loaded by a symmetrical horn, the TW 5 combines the acoustic power professionals need with our make's transparency and dynamics. Used in association with the DOM 8 in recording studios, opera houses, cinemas and upscale discothèques.
dom8.jpg (4456 Byte)  

DOM8     High Output Midrange
110 dB/1W/1m, without a compression chamber was the DOM 8 challenge. To attain that degree of efficiency with excellent power handling and great fidelity, the DOM 8 has a carbon dome diaphragm, a dual-layer clad Kapton inductance coil, a rigid aluminium horn and a motor-element with the impressive force factor of 13.8.

55nd.jpg (5653 Byte) 55ND    20" 2/3 Woofer
Everything about this loudspeaker is simply fascinating. To begin with, its size, and the shape of its diaphragm, a perfect inverted dome, lightweight and rigid thanks to its honeycomb structure. Then the aluminium basket - strong, but airy. Next comes the heavy motor screwed to the chassis, a deep and narrow air gap for its long coil. Move on to discover the sophisticated suspensions which are an exclusive feature on this very high powered, linear excursion unit. Lastly, its matchless speed and power.
bc12scs.jpg (4890 Byte) BC12SCS     Concentric Midrange-Tweeter
The source for Spatial Coherency, this system associates two loudspeakers rear-mounted on the same axis. The tweeter dome is extended by the midrange's ring diaphragm to form a portion of pulsing sphere with homogeneous dispersion specifications. Its lens-mounted position minimizes diffraction problems and provides improved mastery of directivity. The specific filter supplied as an option, guarantees that the BC 12 phase qualities are optimized in a passive system, for truly unique fidelity and spatial stability.
tc21.jpg (5898 Byte) TC 21     Concentric 3-Way
The Holy Grail of the electrodynamic loudspeaker. This wide band, multichannel point source is the outcome of 40 years of research on coaxial systems. It concentrates all our laboratory's knowledge and experience in electroacoustics theory and practice, as well as in industrial engineering, synthetic material processing and creating complex magnetic circuits. This combination of dynamics and power with finesse and phase compliance makes the TC 21 with its specific filter an extraordinary solution for large, passive 4-way systems. And, it is the ideal transducer for those who love active multi-amplification and digital signal processing.