Besides of my major projects you will find on this page the results of some smaller projects i have done. The code related to these project may be found on my download page.

Message Passing

This is a small code example which demonstrates how to use message queues for process communication under linux. This example is written in C.

Ada 95 bindings to MySQL

This package implements a "thin" binding between Ada 95 and MySQL. You may find this package interesting because it is quite small, but i am recommending to use the packages of the GNADE project since it is better maintained.

Standard Ada 95 list packages

This project is a small declaration of war to the Ada 95 community which is quite boring isnce they did not manage till today to provide a reasonable standarized list and container package (don't even try to think about advanced concepts like object persistency). This project has benn out dated by what has happend in the Ada community.


Scheme is an interesting language, but doing something productive with it is hope less. I have made once an attempt of doing something resonable with it but i stopped early. The results are visible here.

Macros for the Crisp Editor

Since i am using the Crisp Editor in my daily work i publish my most usefull macros here:

Package Description Download
gapmode This package provides an interface to the GAP interpreter.

After installing the package and crisp is called with the -m switch ( e.g. crisp -mgapmode) the GAP process will be started automatically. All buffers with the extension .gap will be handled as buffers containing gap code. A colourizer will be applied to these buffers and the key F8 transmists such a buffer to the GAP interpreter. Pressing F8 in the intepreter window will return to the gap source code.

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